• Tubes of OPAL pipeline at the Juchhöh near Weißenborn.
    13:50 29.10.2016

    These are Reasons Behind EU’s Change of Heart Towards Russia’s Gazprom

  • A squad from Skaraborg Armoured Regiment, currently training on the island of Gotland in the Baltic, patrols outside Visby's 13th century city wall, Sweden September 14, 2016
    14:01 23.09.2016

    Sweden Puts on War Paint, Prepares for Highly Unlikely Russian Invasion

  • OPAL pipeline near Weisenborn, Saxony
    14:35 02.09.2016

    Russia Ready to Meet EU Energy Chief, Awaits Opal Decision

  • Construction of Nord Stream pipeline
    14:09 27.08.2016

    Sweden Likely to 'Have a Moderate Stance on Nord Stream-2' Despite US Pressure

  • Baltic Sea
    13:43 11.08.2016

    EU Backs Baltic Pipeline to Give Russia the Heave-Ho

    Nord Stream pipeline project
  • Construction of Nord Stream pipeline
    23:38 17.06.2016

    Nord Stream Aims to Satisfy North EU States' Demands - Putin

  • People have their photo taken next to the first section of the Gazprom South Stream natural gas pipeline in the town of Sajkas, 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Belgrade, Serbia, Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013
    12:28 19.04.2016

    Cold Hard Fact: ‘Europe Has No Alternative to Russian Gas’

  • Launch of second section of Nord Stream gas pipeline
    18:00 18.12.2015

    Nord Stream Extension Violates EU Energy Rules - European Council President

  • The Portovaya booster station where the the second section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was launched.
    19:18 01.12.2015

    Is Washington Attempting to Torpedo Nord Stream 2?

  • Construction of Nord Stream pipeline
    21:24 07.11.2015

    Sweden to Discuss Discovery of Demining Vehicle Near Nord Stream Pipeline

  • A burning one hryvnia bill on a gas burner
    18:56 07.11.2015

    Nord Stream 2 Spells Bad News for Kiev's Transit Business

  • Nord Stream gas pipeline launched in Germany
    17:38 07.11.2015

    All Clear? Demining Device Detected Near Underwater Baltic Sea Pipeline

  • Реклама ОАОГазпром в Москве
    17:30 01.11.2015

    Poland Worried It's Been Outplayed & Outmaneuvered by Russian Energy Giant

  • View of the Nordstream gas pipeline terminal prior to an inaugural ceremony for the first of Nord Stream's twin 1,224 kilometre gas pipeline through the baltic sea, in Lubmin November 8, 2011
    11:32 10.09.2015

    Europe United for Energy Cooperation With Russia – Polish Media

  • Eastern Economic Forum (EEF)
    12:44 09.09.2015

    Forget Ukraine: European Energy Companies Starving for Business in Russia

  • Construction of Nord Stream pipeline
    23:38 06.08.2015

    Austrian OMV, Russian Gazprom Energy Companies May Agree on Asset Swap

  • Construction of Nord Stream pipeline
    00:01 25.07.2015

    Russia Still Ready to Develop Energy Cooperation With Europe - Russian PM

    South Stream Project Cancelled
  • Start of the South Stream pipeline construction
    00:01 24.07.2015

    Russian Gas Transit Capacities Development Guarantees EU Energy Security

    South Stream gas pipeline
  • The head of Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom Alexei Miller and German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel discussed the reliability of Russian gas supplies to Europe and progress in implementing the Nord Stream-2 project.
    14:13 08.07.2015

    Gazprom CEO, German Energy Minister Discuss Progress With Nord Stream-2

  • Central Bank of Russia
    20:18 07.07.2015

    Back With a Bang: Russia's Economy Attracts Investors Despite Recession