• The Hubble Space Telescope as seen from the US space shuttle Columbia (file)
    15:10 08.06.2016

    Into Deep Space: China to Build Telescope With Field View 300 Times Larger Than Hubble

  • Hubble Space Telescope
    17:52 06.06.2016

    China's Answer to NASA: National Space Agency to Launch Own ‘Hubble’

  • The immense black hole at the center of the galaxy NGC 1600 appears to be 17 billion times the mass of the sun. This computer-simulated view shows a supermassive black hole at a galaxy's core.
    18:44 11.04.2016

    Astronomers Find Huge Black Hole in the Most Unexpected Place in Space

  • A cosmic trick of the eye
    16:49 05.04.2016

    Requiem for a Star: Hubble Telescope Captures Image of a Dying Star

  • Hubble Space Telescope
    23:27 15.03.2016

    China Reveals Plans to Leave NASA’s Hubble in the Dust of Space

  • The location of galaxy GN-z11, which is the farthest galaxy ever seen.
    17:58 04.03.2016

    What's That Hubble? Telescope Spots New Galaxy Far, Far Away

  • Artist conception of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
    04:22 23.02.2016

    NASA Wants to Use Spy Telescope for Science

  • Located near this photos center is NGC 4889.
    03:50 20.02.2016

    Hubble Telescope Finds Enormous Black Hole, Largest On Record

  • Scientists using NASA's Kepler telescope have found two distant planets that are in the right place and are the right size for potential life.
    02:47 02.02.2016

    Looking Ahead: NASA Begins Quest for Future Super-Telescope

  • Smith Cloud
    01:04 30.01.2016

    Monster Gas Cloud Careening Toward Earth With the Power of 2 Million Suns

  • The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
    01:13 23.01.2016

    NASA Starts Working on Huge 'Spy Telescope' (VIDEO)

  • This image shows the appearances of the Refsdal supernova. The uppermost circle shows the position of the supernova as it could have been seen in 1998. The lowermost circle shows the galaxy which lensed the supernova four time — a discovery made in late 2014. The middle circle shows the latest position of the reappearing supernova in 2015.
    01:27 20.01.2016

    In a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Hubble Captures First Ever Predicted Supernova Images

  • Jupiter in 4k Ultra HD
    03:50 20.10.2015

    Brand-New NASA Imagery Shows Jupiter in All Its Glory

  • Hubble Space Telescope
    02:27 11.10.2015

    Hubble Telescope Spots Mysterious Space Objects

  • Vibrant Gaseous Ribbons: The Veil Supernova Remnant
    13:49 25.09.2015

    Amazing 3D Glimpse of the Veil Nebula With Hubble Telescope

  • Markarian 231, a binary black hole found in the center of the nearest quasar host galaxy to Earth, is seen in a NASA illustration released August 27, 2015
    12:18 28.08.2015

    Scientists Discover Quasar Powered by Double Black Hole

  • The Hubble Space Telescope’s latest image reveals a distant nebula known as Minkowski’s Butterfly.
    01:19 28.08.2015

    Hubble Telescope Captures the Twin Jet Nebula 'Cosmic Butterfly'

  • Image of Planetary Nebula NGC 656 captured by Hubble Space Telescope
    22:06 03.08.2015

    NASA’s Hubble Captures Final Moments of Dying Star

  • Mice Galaxies, 300 million light-years away.
    03:14 09.07.2015

    Hubble Telescope’s Successor Will Browse Space for Alien Life

  • Hubble: Looking Through the Sky Eye Discovering Top Secrets of the Universe
    17:00 25.04.2015Photo14

    Hubble: Looking Through the Sky Eye Discovering Top Secrets of the Universe