• Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)
    22:13 27.05.2016

    US Republicans Want to Give FBI Access to Your Emails Without Court Orders

  • The NSA has no intention of deleting the its massive database.
    23:23 28.04.2016

    What the NSA Doesn’t Know? How Many Americans It's Spying On

  • Edward Snowden Speaks to the Council of Europe
    23:30 27.10.2015

    Snowden Slams CISA: US Surveillance Bill Posing as Cybersecurity Won't Make Us Safer, Won't Stop Attacks

  • Data Privacy
    23:58 21.10.2015

    Silicon Valley Giants Unite Against New CISA Bill Destroying Online Privacy

  • Senator Ron Wyden
    00:52 03.06.2015

    Ron Wyden: Freedom Act Marks Beginning of Future Intelligence Reforms

  • USA Freedom Act Passes US House Vote, Moves to Senate
    00:06 14.05.2015

    US House Votes to Curb NSA Bulk Collection of Americans' Data

  • CIA Director John Brennan
    00:48 09.05.2015

    US Senators Urge CIA Director to Apologize for Spying on Senate

  • Senator Ron Wyden is a leading critic of torture and other national security overreach.
    00:59 08.05.2015

    Senator Wyden: Congress May End NSA Bulk Data Collection