• Loud & Clear
    13:14 28.06.2016

    Brexit Shocker - Crisis in Britain, Europe and Global Markets

  • Libyan rebels in 2011
    03:56 18.05.2016

    US-Italy to Send More Arms to Libya to ‘Bolster’ Failed State

  • Loud & Clear
    12:42 17.05.2016

    'West Will Send More Arms Into Ravaged, Destroyed Libya'

  • Brexit
    18:19 28.04.2016

    Geopolitical Implications of Brexit

    Brexit or Fixit
  • Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan makes a speech during his meeting with mukhtars at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey, March 16, 2016
    21:49 20.04.2016

    'War on Democratic Freedoms': George Galloway Talks Turkey’s Media Offensive

    Turkey Bans Sputnik News Agency Website
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
    21:57 05.04.2016

    Putin's Popularity in UK Prompts Media Smear Campaign - London Mayor Candidate Galloway

  • British Member of Parliament George Galloway
    01:47 19.02.2016

    George Galloway to Sputnik: Britain Should 'Say Goodbye' to the European Union

  • Loud & Clear
    18:07 18.02.2016

    George Galloway: 'Time for Britain to Say Goodbye to European Union'

  • Relations between Russia and the EU have deteriorated with the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, as western governments imposed economic sanctions on Russia, accusing Moscow of aiding independence supporters in eastern regions of the country.
    19:24 06.02.2016

    Burden for Europe? British Politician Slams EU for Introducing Sanctions Against Russia

  • The NATO emblem is seen at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.
    13:29 26.11.2015

    UK Should Withdraw From NATO to 'Ensure Security'

  • The Doughnut, the headquarters of the GCHQ
    18:25 14.10.2015

    British Court Rules UK Politicians Are Fair Game for GCHQ Spies

  • Surveillance camera
    18:05 23.07.2015

    Nothing Off Limits: UK Politicians Take Govt to Court Over Mass Spying

  • Veteran British politician, broadcaster and writer George Galloway. File photo.
    22:48 10.07.2015

    'I Don't Want to Pay for BBC's Utterly Biased Broadcasting' – George Galloway

  • George Galloway, former UK Respect Party member of parliament for Bradford West, announced on Monday that he has begun legal proceedings to overturn the general election result, which he considers to be incorrect due to alleged postal voting malpractice.
    17:16 11.05.2015

    Respect Party Leader Begins Legal Proceedings to Overturn UK Election

  • UK elections
    12:32 08.05.2015

    Cameron Sweeps to Victory in UK Election Shock

  • Members of Britain's armed forces march from Wellington Barracks to The Houses of Parliament.
    21:05 16.02.2015

    UK Lawmaker Calls Military Spending a Budget Money Pit

  • George Galloway appears at the Royal Courts of Justice for the inquest into the death of Dr. Abbas Khan in Syria. London, United Kingdom
    18:14 19.12.2014

    Europeans Oppose Aid to Ukraine As EU Grapples With Own Problems: Lawmaker