• Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz attends the cabinet meeting at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, July 31, 2014.
    01:08 28.12.2018

    Former Israeli General, Polling Closest to Netanyahu, Joins 2019 Elections

  • An Israeli soldier blocks a road in the village of Halhul, near the West Bank town of Hebron.
    01:56 10.05.2018

    ‘War Between Wars’ Needed to Maintain Israel’s Security - Former Israeli Defense Minister

  • Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak hold an Iranian instruction manual for the C-704 anti-ship missile.
    02:12 22.08.2015

    Former Israeli Defense Minister Says 3 Plans to Hit Iran Were Blocked