• Data Privacy
    23:58 21.10.2015

    Silicon Valley Giants Unite Against New CISA Bill Destroying Online Privacy

  • A sign stands outside the National Security Agency (NSA) campus in Fort Meade
    00:12 18.09.2015

    EFF Shows How US Phone Carriers Helped NSA Collect Americans' Metadata

  • A woman on her cell phone walks past a Verizon Wireless store in Washington
    07:57 26.07.2015

    US Verizon Workers Vote to Go on Strike Over Contract Row if Necessary

  • Thanks to the revelations of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, we know that the officially reported number of wiretaps falls drastically short.
    00:15 11.07.2015

    Did They Lie? US Federal Government’s Wiretaps Data Doesn’t Add Up

  • A Verizon wireless cellphone store is seen in Falls Church, Virginia, December 30, 2014.
    20:23 18.03.2015

    Verizon Pays $3.4Mln in Settlement Over 911 Outage Investigation