• Newborn baby
    22:52 19.07.2019

    US Sailor Arrested Over ‘Horrific Trauma’ Inflicted on Newborn Twins

  • California's Fullerton Police Department releases body camera footage documenting teenager's shooting death by officer
    22:00 15.07.2019

    Disturbing Footage Shows US Teen’s Shooting Death By Officer (Graphic Video)

  • US Man Arrested After Licking, Fingering Ice Cream in ‘Copycat’ Recording
    00:04 09.07.2019

    US Man Arrested After Licking, Fingering Ice Cream in ‘Copycat’ Recording (Videos, Photos)

  • NCPC Police Officer Michael Langsdorf, DSN 347, shot and killed in the line of duty
    03:36 27.06.2019

    Livestream of US Cop’s Death Renews Criticism of Facebook’s Violence Policies

  • Northern Ireland police (File)
    03:26 18.03.2019

    Northern Ireland St Patrick’s Event Incident Sees 2 Killed - Police

  • Equipment for handmade manufacture of explosives and toxic chemicals
    23:52 14.11.2018

    Florida Man Arrested for Manufacturing Volatile ‘Mother of Satan’ Explosive

  • Catalan police in Barcelona, Spain. (File)
    20:12 08.11.2018

    Catalan Police Arrest Man for Plotting Spanish Prime Minister's Murder

  • The Critical Hour
    11:08 11.10.2018

    US Economic Risks; Bolsonaro Election Effect: Trump Pushes Stop-and-Frisk

  • A police officer stands guard in Times Square in the Manhattan borough of New York January 15, 2015
    12:34 21.09.2018

    Multiple People Including Children Stabbed in New York - Reports

  • Gun
    12:20 03.09.2018

    Shooting in California's San Bernardino Injures at Least 10 - Police

  • This picture taken on July 1, 2018 in Gonesse, north of Paris shows police near a French helicopter Alouette II abandoned by French armed robber Redoine Faid after his escape from prison in Reau
    10:01 02.07.2018

    VIDEO Released of French Gangster's EPIC Helicopter Jailbreak

  • Fault Lines
    11:48 26.06.2018

    Politics "Trumps" Customer Service as Sarah Sanders is Booted from Restaurant

  • Toy tigers
    20:05 06.02.2018

    Stuffed and Dangerous: Armed Scottish Police Response Team Takes In Toy Tiger

  • Loud & Clear
    12:40 31.08.2017

    Will Saudis Face UN Trials for Yemen War Crimes?

  • Minneapolis police. (File)
    07:49 22.07.2017

    US Police Chief Removed After Deadly Shooting of Australian Woman – Mayor

  • Activists march to their camp during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, July 6, 2017
    00:55 07.07.2017

    Over 70 Officers Hurt in Scuffles With G20 Protesters in Hamburg – Police

  • US Police Officer
    03:02 14.06.2017

    ‘Looking for Discreet Fun’: Minnesota Police Chief Nabbed in Underage Prostitution Sting

  • Indonesian police
    06:59 27.02.2017

    Indonesian Police Exchange Fire With Attacker in Government Building

  • Loud & Clear
    11:45 13.02.2017

    Donald Trump & Jeff Sessions: Rolling Back the Civil Rights Revolution

  • By Any Means Necessary
    10:46 14.12.2016

    Trump Distracts With Kanye West While Appointing More Ultra Rich to His Cabinet