• Donald Trump CPAC Speech
    03:54 17.03.2017

    British Intelligence Denies Being Involved in Alleged Spying on Trump by Obama

  • A teenage girl using a laptop
    17:14 19.01.2017

    Tech-Savvy UK 'Ms Robots' Encouraged to 'Hack All the Things' by GCHQ

  • Surveillance
    20:59 08.12.2016

    Nowhere to Hide: US, UK Spy on Flight Phone Calls

  • Air France planes are parked on the tarmac of Charles de Gaulle airport on September 24, 2014 in Roissy during an Air France pilots strike
    14:33 07.12.2016

    UK, US Intel Services Spied on Cellular Activity Onboard Air France Planes

  • World in Focus
    21:05 07.11.2016

    Nicaragua Re-elects Ortega | UK’s “Kill or Capture” List of UK Citizens in Iraq

  • Data encryption
    17:49 02.11.2016

    UK Snoopers' Charter Dubbed 'Hackers' Honeypot' Passes Last Hurdle

  • Online surveillance
    17:46 17.08.2016

    'Enormous' Threats to Human Rights Over UK Bulk Surveillance - Campaigners

  • Data Privacy
    17:04 01.08.2016

    EU-US Data Deal Goes Live Despite Being 'Full of Holes'

  • Britain's 1984-style ancient surveillance law
    17:07 08.07.2016

    UK's 'Big Brother' Gov't Slammed for Using 1984-Style Ancient Snooping Law

  • Spying
    18:42 26.05.2016

    UK Snoopers' Charter Set for Independent Review Over Bulk Data Clause

  • Snooping
    16:26 26.11.2015

    UK to Fast-Track Snooping Bill as Ex-MI6 Chief Warns of Terror Risk

  • Surveillance
    15:09 06.11.2015

    UK's Sharm El-Sheikh Bomb Theory Plays Into Hands of Snoopers

  • Balloons with the faces of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, and U.S. President Barack Obama
    14:44 26.10.2015

    German Spy Ring Scandal Turns Full Circle for Merkel

    US-Germany spy row
  • The Doughnut, the headquarters of the GCHQ
    18:25 14.10.2015

    British Court Rules UK Politicians Are Fair Game for GCHQ Spies

  • Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reveal that the NSA has technology to convert recorded conversations to text that can be searched for terms like detonator,  Baghdad, or Musharaf.
    22:32 05.10.2015

    Snowden: GCHQ Can Secretly Take 'Total Control' Over Your Smartphone

  • The Doughnut, the headquarters of the GCHQ
    12:22 02.07.2015

    UK Government Spied on Amnesty International

  • Demonstrators march through Washington
    13:39 03.06.2015

    Two Years on From Edward Snowden Claims: Spy Agencies Reined-In

    Ex-CIA Employee Discloses US Secret Surveillance Programs
  • Surveillance
    14:45 14.05.2015

    Snowden Effect: UK Snoopers' Charter Under Fire After US Mass Spying Vote

  • Metropolitan Police
    19:29 13.05.2015

    UK Met Police Turn UK Net Police‏

  • Iceland Pirate Party
    16:12 07.05.2015

    Disillusionment Fuels Pirate Party Popularity in Europe