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03b Networks satellite100 days100th Anniversary of USSR’s Foundation100th playoff point101st Airborne Division1033 Program1080 poison10th Amendment10YearChallenge110 Freeway112 Ukraine114K M36E9 Captive Air Training Missile115th Congress116th Congress11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11)12061 Murena (Tsaplya)12322 Zubr (Pomornik)125 Baden-Wurttemberg-class frigate127 Echo12-Digital Company13 Reasons Why13th13th Amendment14th Amendment15th Amendment173rd Airborne Brigade180-day rule180 degree1917 Balfour Declaration1917 Espionage Act1917 Revolution1917 Russian Revolution1920 Spitzbergen Treaty1922 Committee1936 Summer Olympics1937 Nanjing Massacre1937 Packard Super 121949 Geneva Conventions1950s1951 US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty1956 uprising in Budapest1959 US Captive Nations Resolution1960 Indus Water Treaty1960s1961 test1965 Indonesia Massacre1966 World Cup1967 Outer Space Treaty1968 election1968 Summer Olympics1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill1972 Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship1972 Summer Olympics1979 Islamic Revolution1980s1980 Summer Olympics1982 Lebanon War1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UCLOS)1983 Beirut bombing1983 Soviet War Scare1984'1984'"1984"1987 Montreal protocol1988 Summer Olympics1993 JU31994 Buenos Aires Bombing1997 NATO-Russia Treaty1997 Russian-Ukrainian Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership1998 Adana agreement1998 Partnership and Cooperation Agreement1998 SD91999 NATO bombings19th of April Movement (M19)19th World Congress of Russian Press1K171Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)1percent1 percent1u2000 Presidential Election2003 invasion of Iraq2004-BL862006 FIFA World Cup2006 Lebanon War2008 financial crisis2008 Global Economic Crisis2009 Fort Hood terrorist attack2010 Cancun Agreements2010 Deepwater Horizon Explosion2010 FIFA World Cup2010 Haiti earthquake2010 Haiti Earthquake2010 Polish presidential plane crash2010 US Presidential Election2010 WC92011 Fukushima disaster2011 Japanese earthquake2011 Libya military intervention2012-2013 Euro Hockey Tour
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