• California Storm
    00:55 24.01.2017

    Floods and 34-Foot Waves Hit California, Tornadoes in Deep South (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

  • Fearless Russian Daredevils Ride Wave During Storm in Sochi
    13:05 07.12.2016

    Russian Daredevils Ride Out the Storm

  • Biggest Crashing Waves Ever Filmed?
    18:00 24.11.2016

    Supermassive Waves Caused by Typhoon Burst Into 'Clouds'

  • The moment spectators got hit and swallowed by the strong tidal bore of Qiantang River in east China
    16:03 26.09.2016

    Dirty River Waves ‘Swallow’ Spectators in East China

  • Orcas escorting a ship
    01:16 31.08.2016

    Surf’s Up! Orcas Ride Ship’s Wave

  • Huge Waves Hit Guys on Breakwater
    02:52 11.06.2016

    Shockwave! Huge Waves Crash Ashore

  • Dust wave strikes Saudi village
    16:34 08.05.2016

    Saudi Village Gets Swallowed by Dust Tsunami

  • Hugh Jackman
    00:27 28.03.2016

    Hugh Jackman Rescued His Son and Others From Strong Currents

  • The breath of the sea in the square Cadimare
    02:59 09.03.2016

    The Breath of the Sea in the Square Cadimare

  • Jet Skis Speed Away from Wave
    19:47 03.03.2016

    Monstrous Wave Chases Jet Ski Riders

  • Man helps elderly couple nearly swept out to sea
    02:31 10.02.2016

    Man Helps Elderly Couple Nearly Swept Out to Sea

  • Surfer Drops 40 Feet.
    03:25 02.02.2016

    Scary! Surfer Drops 40-Feet in Massive Wave

  • Sneaker Wave in Oregon
    00:51 27.01.2016

    Watch Out! Massive Wave Sends Folks Running

  • Large Waves Injure Over 100 People in One Day
    01:50 13.01.2016

    Huge Waves Cause Injuries in Sydney

  • Numerical simulation of two merging black holes performed by the Albert Einstein Institute in Germany: what this rendition shows through colors is the degree of perturbation of the spacetime fabric, the so-called gravitational waves
    18:02 12.01.2016

    Surfs Up! Internet Frenzy Over Potential Discovery of Einstein's Gravitational Waves

  • Massive Wave coming over huge reefs!!
    13:21 19.09.2015

    Storm Disrupts Beach Paradise

  • Jamie O'Brien Surfs Teahupo'o on Fire
    18:12 27.07.2015

    A Song of Water and Fire: Blazing Surfer Rides a Wave

  • 66 Surfers Ride Giant Surfboard To Set World Record
    14:30 21.06.2015

    66 Surfers Set New World Record by Riding Giant Surfboard Together

  • Urban flooding in Acapulco Mexico following large ocean swell
    17:19 03.05.2015

    Three Dead, Hundreds Evacuated as Waves Hit Coastline From Mexico to Chile

  • Meteorologists from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) monitor and plot the direction of super typhoon Maysak at PAGASA headquarters in suburban Manila on April 1, 2015
    09:14 04.04.2015

    24,000 People Face Evacuation From Philippines Due to Typhoon Maysak