• A shadow of a boy is seen on a banner showing the Cyprus island with two hands and a pigeon during a peace rally to support the peace talks inside the UN buffer zone Green Line, in the divided capital Nicosia in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Monday, Nov. 21, 2016. Hundreds of Greek and Turkish Cypriots are demonstrating for peace as the ethnically divided island's rival leaders continue complex reunification talks at a Swiss resort.
    14:08 13.12.2016

    'Crisis-Torn EU' Wants to Dominate Mediterranean With New Deal for Cyprus

  • Germany
    14:53 03.10.2016

    Germany Protests: Refugee Crisis Threatens to Divide Country on Day of Unity

  • Women of Korea, symbolising the wish for korean reunification
    13:32 13.08.2016

    United Korea: The Goal That Everyone Strives For But No One Really Wants

  • Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov
    12:33 26.05.2016

    Moscow Backs Poroshenko's Plans 'to Return Eastern Ukraine'

  • Flag of Cyrpus
    19:23 25.05.2016

    Cyprus Unification Suffers Setback as Nicosia Cancels Peace Talks

  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to journalists before a meeting with French Foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, in Paris, Monday, May 9, 2016
    18:35 11.05.2016

    US Should Work With All Parties, Supporting Nations in Syrian Conflict

  • A couple walk through the buffer zone as they cross from the Turkish-controlled northern Nicosia to the Greek side of the Cypriot capital via Paphos Gate pedestrian border crossing on June 28, 2012.
    19:19 29.01.2016

    So Close and Yet So Far: How Realistic Is Cyprus Reunification?

  • Moldovan riot policemen form a line in front of the parliament building in Chisinau.
    19:22 29.11.2015

    Moldova’s Right-Wing Opposition Calls for Unification With Romania

  • A man hammers away at the Berlin Wall on Nov. 12, 1989 as the border barrier between East and West Germany was torn down after 28 years, symbolically ending the Cold War.
    10:20 03.10.2015

    25 Years On: What Has and Hasn’t Changed Since German Unification

  • Romanian President Traian Basescu
    16:18 10.09.2015

    Romania Needs Moldova Minus Transnistria - Romanian Ex-President

  • Self-propelled artillery system Koalitsiya-SV
    11:04 16.07.2015

    Russia Develops New Coastal Defense Gun

  • South Korean officials have been in damage control over the past several days following revelations by a senior official earlier this week that a non-consensual scenario on unification with North Korea was among the contingencies the Committee for Unification was looking at.
    17:54 12.03.2015

    S Korean Officials in Hot Water Over Plans to Forcefully Unify With North