• a French solider watches code lines on his computer at the French Defense ministry stand during an International Cybersecurity forum in Lille, northern France
    22:08 17.06.2018

    Up to Their Old Tricks: New DPRK Malware Release Detected

  • From left: Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid FC (Madrid, Spain), Mohamed Salah from Liverpool FC (Liverpool, England) and Isco from Real Madrid FC during the 2017-2018 UEFA Champions League final match between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid FC
    16:05 05.06.2018

    Syrian University Trolls Sergio Ramos' Champions League Tackle

  • Troll matryoshka
    03:08 02.12.2017

    ‘Psychopathy and Sadism’: Study Finds Internet Trolls Often Men Lacking Empathy

  • Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton speaks during an interview with Mariella Frostrup at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in Cheltenham, Britain October 15, 2017.
    15:22 25.10.2017

    Happy Birthday Dear Hillary: Assange Trolls Clinton With Her Own 2016 'Future President' Tweet

  • Former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli speaks during an interview by Maria Bartiromo during her Mornings with Maria Bartiromo program on the Fox Business Network, in New York, Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017.
    19:44 06.09.2017

    'Grab Clinton's Hair' and Other Times Pharma Bro Shkreli Made a Fool of Himself

  • Troll matryoshka
    20:35 30.06.2017

    Russia's Military Might Lies in Its Troll Armies, Says Pentagon

  • Police officers stand next to a black Islamic State flag that was seized in a raid, at a news conference held at the police headquarters in Rome, Italy, January 10, 2017
    02:53 27.04.2017

    Troll Pride: Hacker Floods Daesh Twitter With Gay Porn

  • Brave duck plays with Tiger
    21:40 20.01.2017

    Cheeky Duck Trolls a Big Bad Tiger

  • Connecting the Pieces
    17:45 13.01.2017

    What Will the New Fake News Story Be

  • War Games: Britain’s Cyber Crime Fighters Take on Online Terror Group
    20:28 04.01.2017

    Can't Feed the Trolls: UK Army PsyOps Unit Fails to Meet Recruitment Targets

  • Twitter
    02:11 30.11.2016

    Cyberbullying or Freedom of Speech? Twitter Trolling Lands Texan in Jail

  • An illustration picture shows a projection of binary code on a man holding a laptop computer.
    03:38 08.10.2016

    Online Trolls: How Many Are Out There?

  • Virtual reality
    19:03 11.08.2016

    Google's Decided to Take on VR Trolls... For Your Safety Only

  • Social Media
    16:08 15.07.2016

    Agents of Good Will, Stupidity or Disrespect? Hashtags & Users in Time of Terror

    Deadly Truck Attack in Nice
  • Twitter
    19:24 08.07.2016

    Indian Minister Trolled for Launching Anti-Trolling Cyber Cell

  • Twitter
    17:33 11.12.2015

    Anonymous: Let’s Troll the Hell Out of Those Daeshbags!

  • A woman walks past artwork at tech company Twitter's office space in Santa Monica, California
    21:13 08.12.2015

    Sputnik's Popularity Balloons With Rise of Parody Accounts

  • Anonymous mask
    14:59 08.12.2015

    'Operation ISIS': Anonymous Calls on World to Troll 'Daeshbags'

  • The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) logo is displayed in the lobby of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia
    13:52 18.08.2015

    US Spies Find Open Source Investigations Worthless, Blame 'Russian Trolls'

  • A man types on a computer keyboard
    18:15 29.07.2015

    'Kremlin Trolls' Exist Purely in Pentagon Troll's 'Delirious Imagination'