• Tornado
    13:23 23.09.2018

    WATCH: Tornado Tears Through Ottawa, Hundreds of Thousands Without Power

  • Tornado in Cirmea
    14:42 09.09.2018

    WATCH Two Menacing Waterspout Tornadoes Rage in Crimean City Feodosia

  • Javion Hill from North Carolina claimed that he had managed to take a few photos of an alleged UFO when driving near the city of Charlotte during a storm on August 18, 2018
    10:31 04.09.2018

    PHOTO of Mysterious Object in N Carolina Sky Prompts Rumors on New Secret US Spy Plane

    15:52 20.08.2018

    WATCH Unusual Tornado Hits Belarusian Province

  • Dirt Devil
    14:00 11.08.2018

    Huge Dust Devil Caught on Video in California

  • Tornado over Ladoga Lake in Russia
    13:01 08.08.2018

    Whim of Nature: WATCH Tornado Descend on Lake in Northwestern Russia in Rare Event

  • Small Tornado Blows Tents Up at a Festival in Germany
    19:00 27.07.2018

    Tornado Blows Away Tents at Festival in Germany

  • New York City Skyline
    22:57 17.07.2018

    ‘Baby Brooklyn Tornado’ Spotted Over New York City (VIDEOS)

  • Tornado
    19:30 17.07.2018

    Fiery Tornado Turns Into Whirlwind in Colorado

  • Tornado
    08:55 12.07.2018

    Battling the Elements: Tornado Lifts Teenager Into the Air in Ukraine

  • Three tornadoes
    19:00 31.05.2018

    Colorado Farmer Surrounded by 3 Tornadoes

  • Dalma Samora, 14, walks against the winds of Subtropical Storm Alberto as it passes by the west coast of Cuba, in La Palma, Cuba, May 26, 2018.
    02:59 27.05.2018

    US Mississippi, Florida Declare Emergency Over Subtropical Storm Alberto

  • Germany: Two injured as tornado rages through North Rhine-Westphalia
    08:30 18.05.2018

    Devastating Tornado Rages Through Western Germany

  • Pastor Lester Woodard surveys the damage inside Living Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Monday, April 16, 2018, in Greensboro, N.C. Sunday's tornado destroyed most of the roof and furniture in the church.
    23:08 16.04.2018

    Tornadoes, Blizzards, Floods: Freak Weather Menaces US (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

  • Sanremo
    16:52 02.12.2017

    Waterspout Tears Through Italian City of San Remo (VIDEO, PHOTO)

  • Смерч
    03:40 29.10.2017

    Tropical Storm Moves Toward Florida: 'Tornadoes Possible' - US Hurricane Center

  • deadly Hurricane Irma strikes Florida September 10, 2017 (NHC-NOAA image)
    22:03 10.09.2017

    Irma Rampaging Up Florida Coast, Headed for Georgia

  • Tornado, plane
    09:00 31.08.2017

    Extreme Plane Landing During Tornadoes in Russia's Sochi Caught on Video

  • Residents are rescued from their homes surrounded by floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in Houston, Texas.
    22:07 27.08.2017

    Houston Flooding: Catastrophic, Unprecedented, Record-Breaking

  • Tornado
    06:52 12.08.2017

    Tornado Kills 5, Hurts Over 50 in North China