• The Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant photographed by an international effort of telescopes and agencies.
    03:35 12.05.2017

    A Great Case of Crabs: Astronomers Take Vivid Photo of Distant Nebula (PHOTO)

  • New View of the Crab Nebula
    18:45 11.05.2017

    Giant Space Crustacean: New Composite Image Reveals Mysteries of Crab Nebula (VIDEO)

  • The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
    22:25 09.05.2017

    Seeing Further: NASA’S Next-Gen Telescope Begins Final Tests Before Launch

  • This artist's concept depicts select planetary discoveries made to date by NASA's Kepler space telescope.
    12:33 27.04.2017

    Search for Aliens 'On Verge of Most Profound Discovery Ever,' NASA Tells US Congress

  • In this artist's illustration, turbulent winds of gas swirl around a black hole.
    01:11 14.04.2017

    International Telescope Array Takes First-Ever Photo of Black Hole

  • Dome of the 1.6m telescope at the Pico dos Dias Observatory, National Laboratory of Astrophysics (LNA), Itajubá, Brazil.
    17:10 09.04.2017

    Sky Shield: Russian Telescope in Brazil Will Protect Earth From Space Junk

  • Signals
    17:11 04.04.2017

    Official: Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Really Do Come From Outer Space

  • Kunlun Station
    18:53 09.03.2017

    Aim for the Top! China Seeks to Install Telescopes at Antarctica’s Highest Ice Dome

  • Abstract Concept of TRAPPIST-1 System
    17:43 08.03.2017

    The Real Origin of Habitable 'Beer' Star System's Name

  • The universe.
    06:30 02.02.2017

    Faster-Than-Expected Expansion of Universe Challenges Current Astrophysics Model

  • A vision of Proxima Centauri b
    22:19 11.01.2017

    Giant Telescope to Search for Alien Life in Alpha Centauri

  • IC 3639, a galaxy with an active galactic nucleus, is seen in this image combining data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the European Southern Observatory.
    16:22 09.01.2017

    Black Hole 'Beasts': Supermassive Monsters Found by UK Team of Scientists

  • The universe.
    21:16 08.01.2017

    China to Build Gravitational Wave Telescopes in Tibet to Study Creation of the Universe

  • This illustration shows one possible scenario for the hot, rocky exoplanet called 55 Cancri e, which is nearly two times as wide as Earth
    23:00 27.12.2016

    Astronomers Propose New Technique to Discover Alien Life

  • Earth
    19:32 19.12.2016

    Project Blue: Scientists Aim to Build Space Telescope to Find Earth's 'Twins'

  • Tycho’s supernova
    02:40 14.12.2016

    Record-Setting Supernova Actually a Black Hole Violently Eating a Star

  • In the continued pursuits to understand dark matter, researchers think they may be one step closer to figuring out how it functions in the universe - interacting with something other than gravity.
    03:05 08.12.2016

    Universe’s Dark Matter Might be 'Smoother' than Previously Thought

  • A vision of Proxima Centauri b
    02:02 17.11.2016

    Scientists Seek Public Support in Spotting Another 'Blue Dot' in Space

  • Earth and moon
    03:22 05.11.2016

    Earth’s Magnetic Shield Vital for Humanity Cracked, Indian Researchers Discover

  • In this Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 photo released by Xinhua News Agency, an aerial view shows the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in the remote Pingtang county in southwest China's Guizhou province
    10:45 01.11.2016

    China's Monstrous FAST Radio Telescope to Join the Hunt for Aliens