• Shipping containers sit at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California in this aerial photo taken February 6, 2015
    20:09 25.06.2018

    US 'Appears Ready to Smash Anything to Ensure China Can't Overtake It' - Market Analyst

  • DARPA wheels
    01:51 25.06.2018

    US DARPA Configures Super Wheel For Military Vehicles (VIDEO)

  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
    00:17 25.06.2018

    Staff, Investors Push Amazon to Stop Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Police

  • battery
    14:13 11.06.2018

    India Aims to Outdo Global Peers With Cheaper Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the Viva Tech start-up and technology summit in Paris, France, May 24, 2018
    23:37 10.06.2018

    Watching the Watchers: Facebook Hires 'Credibility Specialists' Due to Fake News

  • Artificial intelligence
    15:27 08.06.2018

    Foot in Both Camps? Google Vows Not to Use AI for Weaponry, Set to Retain Ties With Military

  • View of Iturup island
    22:44 06.06.2018

    Japanese Politician: Moscow, Tokyo Need Visa Waiver Program for Kurils

  • Microsoft Submarine Data Center
    21:55 06.06.2018

    Microsoft Unveils Submarine Internet Data Center Powered by Renewable Energy (VIDEO)

  • Department of Justice headquarters building in Washington
    03:44 05.06.2018

    DoJ Charges Ex-US Defense Intelligence Officer for Spying

  • In this Sept. 28, 2017, photo, David Hanson, the founder of Hanson Robotics, poses with his company's flagship robot Sophia, a lifelike robot powered by artificial intelligence in Hong Kong
    19:52 04.06.2018

    Humans to Start Getting Hitched With Robots in Just a Few Decades (PHOTOS)

  • Chelsea Manning speaks at the Re:publica conference in Berlin, Germany, May 2, 2018
    03:41 26.05.2018

    ‘Everything’s Gotten Worse’: Chelsea Manning Slams Worsening Security State

  • Серверная
    01:42 26.05.2018

    Russian Blockchain Developers Best of the Best in the World - Analyst

    St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018
  • Artificial intelligence
    23:43 25.05.2018

    Don’t Lie to Me: Facial Recognition Tech That Spots Lying Might Be Coming to Airport Security

  • Indian navy person stands guard on board war ship Godavari during its decommissioning at the naval dockyard in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015
    15:01 25.05.2018

    Russia, Italy Vying for Indian Navy's $5 Billion Minesweeper Contract

  • FILE - In this Nov. 9, 2017 file photo, an American flag is flown next to the Chinese national emblem during a welcome ceremony for visiting U.S. President Donald Trump outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing
    04:23 25.05.2018

    Reasoning, Talks Can Resolve Sino-US Trade Disputes

  • Chinese ground crew members inspect a J-20 stealth fighter in Chengdu, in southwest China's Sichuan province (File)
    03:34 25.05.2018

    China Confirms Use of Mature Stealth Testing Technology

  • Shadowy shape that some people say is a photo of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. (File)
    22:39 24.05.2018

    Cutting-Edge Technology to Solve Loch Ness Mystery - Analyst

  • A view from the moon to Earth
    06:34 23.05.2018

    Dozens of Volunteers Apply for Joint US-Russian Simulated Moon Orbital Flight

  • Cancer cell
    07:01 22.05.2018

    Artificial Intelligenсe to Improve Cancer Diagnosis in NHS - Microbiologist

  • The People's Republic of China flag and the U.S. Stars and Stripes fly along Pennsylvania Avenue near the US Capitol during Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit in Washington, DC, US on January 18, 2011.
    06:27 22.05.2018

    Watchdog: US-Chinese Agreement 'Does Nothing to Reduce Trade Deficit'