• LEGO Ideas Research Institute
    15:37 30.03.2016

    Weird Science: Sham Researchers Enjoy Tax Breaks in Denmark

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts to a question posed by an audience member at Politics and Eggs in Manchester, N.H., Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015.
    04:47 09.03.2016

    How Rich is He? Trump Qualified for a Tax Break for Making Under $500K

  • Facebook
    15:28 04.03.2016

    Cough It Up: Facebook Admits UK Defeat, Agrees to Pay Corporate Tax

  • Google logo
    17:32 24.02.2016

    EU Lawmakers Slam Tax Authorities Over Secret Google Tax Deal

  • Starbucks
    16:16 12.02.2016

    Transatlantic Tax Row Deepens as US Accuses EU of Targeting American Firms

  • Euro banknote
    18:57 03.02.2016

    Unions Blast Loopholes in New EU Tax Avoidance Proposals

  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker
    19:47 29.01.2016

    Juncker Branded Hypocrite Over EU Tax Transparency Moves

  • A poster with an image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II incorporated into the Google's logo is pictured at the company UK headquarters, in London (File)
    15:15 28.01.2016

    EU Competition Chief Set to Probe Google Tax Breaks

  • Paying taxes
    18:30 14.01.2016

    Law Case Launched Against European Commission Over Tax Probe Cover-Up

  • Capitalism
    21:17 24.12.2015

    A 'Secret State': America's Plutocrats and Oligarchs Killing Democracy

  • Crickhowell town center
    19:44 11.11.2015

    Welsh Town Googles 'Tax Dogde', Joins Cheat Club in People's Protest

  • European taxation system
    18:44 03.11.2015

    Blatant Tax Dodging in Europe Uncontrolled One Year After LuxLeaks

  • Jean-Claude Juncker
    16:34 02.11.2015

    Juncker Not Celebrating Anniversary as Europe Falls Apart

  • Taxation
    17:29 26.10.2015

    EU Lawmakers Set to Vote on Tax Avoidance in Split Europe

  • UCU balloons on the TUC's A Future That Works demonstration in Westminster
    19:18 21.10.2015

    UK Facing Backlash Over Austerity Policies as MPs, UN Turn Up the Heat

  • Starbucks
    14:27 21.10.2015

    Starbucks, Fiat Finance Dutch Sweetheart Tax Deal Ruled Illegal by EC

  • European Parliament
    14:52 03.09.2015

    Brussels Refusing to Hand Over Documents in European Tax Scandal Probe

  • Tax probe
    14:12 19.06.2015

    Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola and McDonald's Accused of Avoiding Tax Probe

  • Opening: debate on tax avoidance with Jean Claude Juncker and Pierre Moscovici
    13:10 17.06.2015

    Hypocrisy of EU Tax Avoidance Plan Exposed

  • A complex merger designed to lower their tax payments could see US agrochemical giant Monsanto merge with its Swiss rival, Syngenta, to create an entity based in the UK.
    04:37 09.06.2015

    London or Bust: Monsanto Eyeing Merger and Move to the UK