• An American archaeology student unearths a skeleton during excavation works at the first-ever Philistine cemetery at Ashkelon National Park in southern Israel June 28, 2016.
    20:55 04.07.2019

    Scientists Use DNA Analysis to Uncover Origins of Biblical Archenemies of Ancient Israelites

  • Young dog gives puppy dog eyes
    00:58 19.06.2019

    Evolution Explains Man’s Best Friend’s Persuasive ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ – Study

  • Ceres
    21:50 11.06.2019

    Scientists Find Out What the Mysterious Dome Located in the Asteroid Belt is Made Of

  • Sad golden retriever with tennis ball
    22:46 06.06.2019

    It’s a Dog’s Life: Owners Pass Stress Onto Pups, Study Finds

  • Meat
    02:01 06.06.2019

    White, Red Meats Equally as Bad for Cholesterol Levels - Study

  • Skull
    18:48 05.06.2019

    Disturbing Report Sheds Light on Why Civilization May Collapse Just 30 Years From Now

  • Classroom
    03:55 04.06.2019

    US Says It Welcomes Chinese Nationals For ‘Legitimate’ Academic Studies

  • Chinese students watch live broadcasting of the U.S. presidential debate between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, at a cafe in Beijing, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
    19:05 03.06.2019

    Chinese Education Ministry Issues Warning for Students Planning to Study in US

  • The feature that appears bright blue at the center of this scene is NASA's Curiosity Mars rover amid tan rocks and dark sand on Mount Sharp, as viewed by the HiRISE camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on June 5, 2017
    18:20 25.05.2019

    Laws of Alien Planet: New Study REVEALS the Mystery of Martian Sand Movements

  • Business
    02:12 24.05.2019

    How Rich: Affluent Individuals More Likely to Exaggerate Own Competency – Study

  • In this Aug. 13, 2015 photo, a plastic bottle lies among other debris washed ashore on the Indian Ocean beach in Uswetakeiyawa, north of Colombo, Sri Lanka. For years along the Cornish coast of Britain, Atlantic Ocean currents have carried thousands of Lego pieces onto the beaches. In Kenya, cheap flip-flop sandals are churned relentlessly in the Indian Ocean surf, until finally being spit out onto the sand. In Bangladesh, fishermen are haunted by floating corpses that the Bay of Bengal sometimes puts in their path. And now, perhaps, the oceans have revealed something else: parts of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the jetliner that vanished 17 months ago with 239 people on board.
    23:49 23.05.2019

    ‘Unspoilt’ Australian Island ‘Literally Drowning’ in Plastic Trash - Study

  • This Night Earth Observation of an Aurora Borealis was captured by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly of Expedition 44 on the International Space Station
    21:41 20.05.2019

    Scholar REVEALS What Magnetic Pole Shift Will Do to Northern Lights

  • Space
    19:29 19.05.2019

    Mystery No Longer: ESA Gravitational Wave Hunter Unravels Secrets of Space Dust

  • The gold mask of King Tutankhamun is seen in a glass case during a press tour, in the Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt. File photo
    18:17 18.05.2019

    Scientists SOLVE Mystery of Yellow Glass Found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Tomb

  • Woman and her puppy
    00:00 18.05.2019

    Born This Way? Twin Research Highlights Link Between Genetics, Dog Ownership

  • Couple talking while sitting on a dock
    22:45 15.05.2019

    Have You Heard? Men and Women Gossip 52 Minutes a Day – Study

  • A blood moon rises over Johannesburg, South Africa, Saturday, July 28, 2018. Skywatchers around much of the world are looking forward to a complete lunar eclipse that will be the longest this century. The so-called blood moon Friday, when it turns a deep red, will be visible at different times in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America when the sun, Earth and moon line up perfectly, casting Earth's shadow on the moon.
    02:41 15.05.2019

    Like a Raisin: Study Finds Earth’s Shrinking Moon is Causing Quakes

  • Aging
    02:22 15.05.2019

    Eat Healthy, Exercise: WHO Issues New Guidelines on Reducing Dementia Risk

  • In this Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, photo, a woman carries a fire extinguisher past the logo for Google at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai
    21:59 12.05.2019

    Does Google 'Top Stories' Have a Liberal Bias? Research Says Yes

  • Seasonal flu and respiratory infection in Moscow
    22:00 10.05.2019

    Driving Miss Dirty: Study Shows Rideshares Are Germier Than Taxis, Rentals, Toilets