• Sovershenny corvette
    12:20 05.07.2017

    Silent Guardian: Russia's Newest Missile Corvette is Ready to Rumble

  • F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
    22:39 16.03.2017

    Taiwan Seeks Warplane Like F-35B as China Boosts Defense Budget

  • Bell V-280
    23:06 02.03.2017

    Pentagon Seeks ‘Stealthy’ Tiltrotor Chopper

  • T-50 jet performs a demo flight at the MAKS 2015 International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky outside Moscow
    10:30 11.01.2017

    Russia Designs 'Friend-or-Foe' Stealth Recognition System for PAK FA Jets

  • Four Chinese Navy submarines (L) and warships attend an international fleet review to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army Navy on April 23, 2009 off Qingdao in Shandong Province
    14:58 16.12.2016

    The Sound of Silence: Chinese Subs to Become Superstealth

  • The Zavod Electromash plant in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod has created a unique stealth robotic system capable of detecting unmanned aerial vehicles, Zavod Electromash spokesman Valery Pyatkin told Sputnik
    14:08 24.11.2016

    Radar of the Future: Russian Army to Get Advanced Stealth Drone Hunter

  • B-2 Stealth Bomber.
    11:34 04.10.2016

    Chinese Physicists Develop Quantum Radar That Can Detect Stealth Jets

  • Vladimir Monomakh submarine returnd to its habitual Kamchatka base
    20:11 30.09.2016

    New Antennas to Make Russian Submarines Invisible to Sonars

  • Su-35 super maneuverable multirole fighter
    16:06 25.09.2016

    Brand New Russian Su-35 and PAK FA Turn Pentagon's F-16 Into 'Relic of the Past'

  • T-50 fighter
    12:39 11.09.2016

    Russia Builds Glide Bomb Virtually Invisible to Radar

  • The Army-2016 forum organized by the Russian Defense Ministry kicked off earlier in the day and will last through Sunday. The forum is held in the military-themed Patriot Park in Kubinka near Moscow and in a number of locations in Russian military districts.
    11:15 08.09.2016

    India May Purchase Four Stealth Frigates From Russia Worth $4Bln

  • The Varshavyanka-class (Project 636.3)
    14:38 07.09.2016

    Russia’s Admiralty to Deliver Six Stealth Subs to Pacific Fleet by 2021

    Russia's Army-2016 Military Expo
  • UK Detention Centre
    18:48 22.08.2016

    'Expansion by Stealth': UK Home Office Extends Immigration Centers

  • A Russian T-90MS main battle tank fitted with Nakidka radar-absorbent material camouflage.
    17:47 05.08.2016

    New 'Stealth Cloak' May Make Russian Troops Invisible to High-Precision Weapons

  • A prototype of the first Japan-made stealth fighter X-2 Shinshin, formerly called ATD-X, takes off to mark its maiden flight at Nagoya Airfield, also known as Komaki Airport, in Toyoyama town, Aichi prefecture, central Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 22, 2016.
    07:39 22.04.2016

    Japan Successfully Tests Fifth Generation Stealth Jet

  • T-50 strike aircraft at a MAKS-2013 Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky.file photo
    15:40 06.04.2016

    Danger Zone: Russia's First Stealth Fighter Can Penetrate Enemy Territory

  • Chengdu J-20: Will Japan's X-3 Dominate the J-20?
    21:39 24.03.2016

    Japan Seeks Sixth Generation Fighter Jet to Dominate Beijing’s J-20

  • New Stealth Submarine to Join Russian Navy by End of Year: Defense Ministry
    13:54 18.03.2016

    Invisible: Fifth-Gen Russian Subs to Use Composites for Increased Stealth

  • One of Russia's largest Soviet-built nuclear submarines, Typhoon (Akula) class, which remains the world's largest with the displacement of about 25,000 metric tons (27,500 tons) heaves ahead in the Barents Sea at Russia's Arctic Coast in this September 2001 photo
    18:39 11.03.2016

    Super Stealthy: New-Look Russian Nuclear Sub to Join Pacific Fleet

  • The ICBM RT-23, nicknamed the 'Good Sport' (Molodets)
    17:42 22.02.2016

    Oldies but Goodies: Russia Preps Crews for ‘Doomsday Nuke Trains’