• China's Tiangong 2 space lab is launched on a Long March-2F rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert, in China's Gansu province
    14:44 17.09.2016

    Rising Space Superpower: China Continues Space Exploration by Launching Tiangong-2

  • China's Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft, left, conducts docking with the Tiangong-1 space lab module.
    00:21 11.06.2016

    Experts Fear Chinese Space Station Could Crash Into Earth

  • Hubble Space Telescope
    17:52 06.06.2016

    China's Answer to NASA: National Space Agency to Launch Own ‘Hubble’

  • American and Soviet explorers shaking hands, 1975
    14:51 26.05.2016

    The Space Race is History: NASA Burns Billions, Relies on Russia for the Basics

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian Mir Space Station
    13:59 23.05.2016

    'It Could Have Been Maintained': Russia's Space Station Mir Plunged Into Ocean Before Time

  • Bacon sandwich
    18:12 21.03.2016

    British Bacon Sandwich en Route to ISS Tastes Out of This World

  • International Space Station (ISS)
    18:08 16.04.2015

    Russia to Launch National Orbital Station by 2023 - Putin

    Direct Line With Vladimir Putin 2015