• Buddy Mercury Sings! Funny and cute beagle who plays piano!
    10:00 21.04.2017

    Talented Beagle Plays Piano and Sings out Loud

  • A visitor (L) sings a song at karaoke booth (File)
    13:29 11.03.2017

    K for Karaoke! Individual Singing Booths Becoming New Craze in China (VIDEO)

  • Completo papagaio canta rihanna
    18:45 22.02.2017

    Meet the Internet's Newest Star: A Parrot Singing Like Rihanna (VIDEOS)

  • Nazi German Anthem Sung in Fed Cup
    14:09 13.02.2017

    Germany in Shock as US Tennis Plays Nazi-Era Anthem at Fed Cup Match

  • Students’ Day in Russia: Putin Sings Song With MSU Undergrads
    13:50 26.01.2017

    Space Song: Putin Demonstrates His Rarely Seen Musical Side

  • Katherine Jenkins and dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet perform first-ever ballet and musical performance in the sky
    19:18 02.11.2016

    Airplane Arabesques: British Airways Hosts First Ever In-Flight Bolshoi Ballet (VIDEO)

  • Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot performs Dance Birdie
    13:30 02.10.2016

    Talking Parrot Rips the Dance Floor

  • Dog in car
    14:54 21.07.2016

    Russian Singing Dog Becomes New Internet Mega Hit (VIDEO)

  • Dad and son sing Frank Sinatra in car.
    08:15 12.06.2016

    Family Duet: Father and Son Perform Sinatra Song

  • How penguins react to opera: UNBELIEVABLE!
    15:55 11.05.2016

    Opera Singer Strikes Terror Into the Hearts of Penguins

  • Man singing on Horse has uplifting experience
    21:23 22.03.2016

    Singing Rider Gets Defeated by Horse

  • Hieromonk Photy Mochalov
    05:12 26.12.2015

    Monk Wins The Voice TV Singing Contest in Russia

  • Beetham Tower Humming
    19:07 30.11.2015

    Wailing Like a Banshee: The 'Singing' Tower of Manchester

  • Kid battles through hiccups; performs AMAZING anthem
    15:25 25.11.2015

    Battling Hiccups: Singing National Anthem Against All Odds

  • Zenit St.Petersburg's Hulk
    10:16 22.09.2015

    Footballer Hulk Serenades St. Petersburg for Charity

  • Steven Tyler sings with a street musician
    14:35 05.09.2015

    Man of the People: Steven Tyler Sings With a Street Musician in Moscow

  • SandCARstle Sync By SketchShe!
    17:39 21.08.2015

    SketchShe Strikes Back!

  • Girls summon herd of cattle by singing!
    19:45 13.08.2015

    Captive Audience: Cows Herded by Song

  • Testing out the accoustics of a singing cave
    20:04 10.08.2015

    The Caves That Sing: Amazing Acoustics of Iceland's Depths

  • Extraordinary meeting of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
    21:40 16.07.2015

    Rada Sing-Off: Poroshenko, Lyashko Test Each Other’s Vocal Skills (VIDEO)