• Gatwick Airport Drone 20th December 2018, view from North Terminal at 12:35pm, not seen it yet!
    15:27 25.12.2018

    UK Gov't 'Hiding the Truth'? Unidentified Objects Spotted Over Gatwick Amid Drone Mayhem

  • Loch Ness
    15:24 23.12.2018

    Loch Ness Monster Makes Surprise Christmas Appearance, Witness Says

  • UFO in gothenburg
    17:33 08.11.2018

    WATCH Flying Object Claimed to Be Hitler's Secret Weapon Filmed in Sweden

  • Mysterious Flying Object in Nebraska
    19:09 06.11.2018

    WATCH Unidentified Object Spotted in Nebraska Sky Amid Storm

  • Shadowy shape that some people say is a photo of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. (File)
    22:00 14.09.2018

    British Man Claims He Spotted Loch Ness Monster – Reports

  • Triangle Sighting in Texas
    14:29 09.09.2018

    'Monitoring Skies': Triangular Object Above Texas Claimed to Be US Spy Craft (VIDEO)

  • The undated file photo shows Scotland's 23-mile long Loch Ness, home of the elusive monster, Nessie
    16:00 19.08.2018

    Mysterious 'Something' Spotted in the Middle of Loch Ness (VIDEO)

  • What Just Happened Over LA? [LAPD] Helicopter Surrounds UFO? 2018
    17:33 22.07.2018

    WATCH US Police Heli Flies Circles Round 'UFO' in California Sky

  • Mars
    22:18 05.07.2018

    Mars to Pamper Gazers With Stunning Sight Amid NASA's Dust Storm Concerns

  • Fireball Streaks across the sky over Russia!!!
    15:15 25.06.2018

    Biggest Meteor Explosion of 2018 Detected Over Russia (VIDEO)

  • Shadowy shape that some people say is a photo of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. (File)
    21:25 20.05.2018

    Man Claims He Filmed Nessy-Like 'Monster' in English Canal (VIDEO)

  • A Sturgeon is seen in an aquarium
    22:05 07.05.2018

    Sea Monster From Dinosaur Era Sensationally Washes Up on Beach

  • Footage captured 'UFO falling from the sky' in Somerset storm
    13:05 28.04.2018

    WATCH "War of Worlds UFO Landing" in England

  • In this June 2006 file photo a model monster replica of the legendary sea serpent of Loch Ness, Nessie, provides a photo op for visitors in Drumnadrochit, Scotland
    20:50 21.04.2018

    Don’t Hide It! Google Reportedly Edits Scottish Loch Ness Monster Pics

  • FIFA president Gianni Infantino, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin open the 2018 soccer World Cup draw in the Kremlin in Moscow
    12:16 06.04.2018

    FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia Draws More Indian Fans Than Ever

  • Shadowy shape that some people say is a photo of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. (File)
    15:23 29.03.2018

    Nessie-Spotting: US Tourist Catches Sight of Loch Ness Monster and Her Family

  • UFO sighting
    17:26 09.03.2018

    Aliens Here? Giant Spherical UFO Orb Spotted in the US (VIDEO)

  • Russian warship Viktor Leonov. (File)
    12:46 23.01.2018

    Deja Vu: US Media Alarmed by a 'Russian Spy Ship' in Int'l Waters, Again

  • International Space Station
    22:01 20.11.2017

    Mysterious ISS Footage: Are Space Agencies Hiding Proof of Alien Life? (VIDEO)

  • White giraffe
    14:30 16.09.2017

    Two of a Kind: Pair of White Giraffes Sighted in Kenya