• Looking Forward
    13:54 07.08.2015

    How Contagious is Gun Violence?

  • Two persons have received critical gunshot wounds in a shooting outside the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, state police said on Tuesday.
    10:21 04.08.2015

    Shooting After US New Jersey Hip-Hop Concert Leaves 2 in Critical Condition

  • US Police
    09:55 04.08.2015

    Number of Deadly Police Shootings in US Exceeds 550 in 2015

  • Former US Attorney General Eric Holder
    21:03 01.08.2015

    Garland Texas Shooter Bought Gun Through Fast and Furious Program - Report

  • The BradCast
    15:45 30.07.2015

    'Bombshell' New Report on Sea Level Rise

  • The BradCast
    14:41 24.07.2015

    Kobach Defrauding Voters and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley on 'Terrorism'

  • The BradCast
    13:16 17.07.2015

    Walker Wins (Again), Democracy Loses (Again. Big Time.)

  • Police officers
    03:57 06.07.2015

    Austin Hotel Gunman Shot and Killed by Police

  • CPD seized all of these guns
    18:43 05.07.2015

    Updated: Chicago Shooting Death Toll Rises to 7, Includes 7-Year-Old

  • Chicago Police
    20:39 04.07.2015

    Chicago Shootings Escalate During 4th of July Weekend, Claim 5

  • The BradCast
    17:36 13.05.2015

    Senate Dems Say 'No' to Obama on TPP (for Now)

  • The BradCast
    15:09 06.05.2015

    And Equal Justice for All?

  • The BradCast
    17:58 05.05.2015

    'Free Speech' Versus 'Hate Speech' With Jimmy Dore

    World Reacts to Charlie Hebdo Attack
  • Some of the police officers who helped track down the Boston Marathon bombing suspects failed to demonstrate weapons discipline during the manhunt, creating a dangerous firefight at one point, according to a report released Friday.
    05:44 04.04.2015

    Cops in Shootout With Boston Marathon Bombers Showed 'Lack of Discipline'

  • Maidan
    16:50 01.04.2015

    Kiev Does Not Need the Truth About Maidan Shootings – German Newspaper

  • Protestors block a police vehicle from entering the City of Ferguson Police Department and Municipal Court parking lot in Ferguson Missouri, March 11, 2015
    08:23 12.03.2015

    Gunfire Heard Again in Ferguson, Police Officers Reportedly Shot

  • NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, MD.
    19:53 06.03.2015

    Ex-Prison Guard Accused of Opening Fire at NSA Building

  • NSA Headquarters Ft Meade Maryland
    17:49 04.03.2015

    Suspect Arrested After NSA Building Hit by Gunfire