• Indian Coast Guard vessel (File)
    12:11 24.01.2019

    Indian Coast Guard Seizes Cache of Endangered Shark Carcasses - Reports

  • 23:24 06.11.2018

    Shark Kills Man in Australia’s Cid Harbor, Third in String of Attacks

  • Shark in the boat
    19:00 19.10.2018

    Friendly Jaws: Shark Suddenly Jumps Right Into Boat With Australian Family

  • Sharks
    14:14 17.10.2018

    Too Close For Comfort: Woman Survives After Falling Into Tank With Hungry Sharks

  • Shark
    10:00 16.09.2018

    Deep Blue Sea: Shark Attacks Man on Boogie Board off Cape Cod (VIDEO)

  • Incredible Moment Diver Hypnotises Shark
    15:00 06.09.2018

    Amazing Moment: Diver Hypnotizes Terrifying Tiger Shark

  • Shark
    01:46 25.08.2018

    Texas Man Bitten By Suspected Bull Shark Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria (PHOTO)

  • Great White Shark
    23:20 16.08.2018

    Great White Bite? US Man Attacked By Shark in Shallow Water Off Cape Cod (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

  • Tiger Shark
    08:44 05.08.2018

    Shark Breeding on Reunion Island Deemed to be Cause of Spike in Deadly Attacks

  • Great White Shark
    15:05 03.08.2018

    Mallorca Beach Evacuated After Shark Found Swimming in Shallow Water (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • Ocean
    22:57 01.08.2018

    Lurking Shark Closes in on Unsuspecting Cape Cod Paddleboarder (PHOTOS)

  • Great White Shark
    01:34 01.08.2018

    Extra Evidence: Spielberg Film ‘Jaws’ Could Solve 40-Year-Old Cold Murder Case (PHOTO)

  • Chinese women pose for a picture on the beach in Qingdao, eastern China's Shandong province on July 24, 2015
    08:36 29.07.2018

    Epic Fail: Shark Tries to Attack Tourists on Beach in China

  • Ocean
    22:16 20.07.2018

    ‘It Was Pretty Gross’: Giant Mystery Blob Washes Up on Maine Beach (PHOTOS)

  • Woman and sharks
    16:58 11.07.2018

    Hungry Nurse Shark Attacks Hot Nursing Student in Bahamas

  • Sharks Almost Broke Diver's Ghost Cage. 2018
    08:30 07.07.2018

    Get Lucky: Diver Evades Sure Death in Broken Cage From Giant Sharks

  • Woman dragged into water by a shark
    09:00 02.07.2018

    Live Bait: Woman Feeds Shark, Gets Dragged Into Water

  • Tiger Shark
    16:40 01.07.2018

    WATCH Terrifying Footage of Diver's Extremely Close Encounter With Sharks

  • Shark Vs Shark: Giant Great White Attacks Another Great White
    19:30 13.06.2018

    Deep Sea Carnage: Great White Sharks Fight it Out Over Fresh Meat

  • Watch Shark being dragged to safety by fisherman
    14:00 05.06.2018

    Shark Tales: Man Saves Underwater Predator, Helps It Return to Ocean