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    15:39 01.08.2017

    Mind the Gap: Londoners Lose Sex Toys on the Tube, Many Return to Collect Them

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    19:25 04.05.2017

    London Firefighters Cut Loose After Saving Manhood Ring for Help

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    19:08 31.03.2017

    The Rise of 'Smart' Sex Toys Creates Web of Legal, Criminal and Ethical Issues

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    15:27 15.03.2017

    Intimacy Issues: Sex Toy Manufacturer Fined $4Mln for Collecting Explicit Data

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    15:31 20.12.2016

    From Sex Toy to Spouse: Conference Examines Evolution of Human-Robot Love Affair

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    14:25 25.09.2016

    'Intimate Data': Woman Sues Sex Toy Manufacturer for Spying

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    17:58 24.08.2016

    Sexy Tech: Wi-Fi Vibrators and Vegan Condoms in Demand

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    18:30 20.05.2016

    Oops! Sex Toys Provoke Traffic Jam in Moscow's City Center