• Realbotix sex doll
    21:58 02.11.2018

    'Freakin' Shallow': Netizens Rave and Storm Over Sex Brothel Offering to Take Sex Dolls' Virginity

  • Sex doll
    21:59 28.10.2018

    Black Mirror Effect: Sex Doll Service Offers to Make Silicone Replicas of Dead Lovers

  • A visitor (L) checks a sex doll at a stall during the Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong on August 29, 2018.
    14:51 22.10.2018

    Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine: Sex Doll Owners to Hold Gathering in Texas

  • Harmony
    16:35 19.10.2018

    'F*** Yeah': Over Half of Sex Doll's Matches on Tinder Would Have Sex With Her – Reports

  • In this picture taken on April 20, 2017, a cross necklace is seen on Saori, a silicone sex doll owned by 62-year-old Senji Nakajima at his apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo.
    18:20 12.10.2018

    Campaigners Brand Amazon's Sales of 'Child-Sized' Sex Dolls as 'Ridiculous'

  • Kinky S Dolls
    17:44 09.10.2018

    Abandoned 'Girlfriend:' US Mourners Set up Shrine to Sex Doll 'Corpse'

  • Harmony
    20:10 01.10.2018

    Furious Sex Play: Sexbot Tester's Intense Romp Knocks Harmony 'Senseless'

  • Doll
    22:40 28.09.2018

    Body Sham? US Cops Discover ‘Victim' in Garbage Bag Actually Discarded Sex Doll (PHOTO)

  • Sex doll
    18:18 28.09.2018

    Not 'Moral Police': Mayor Opposes Robot Brothel Opening in Houston

  • Kinky S Dolls
    20:11 24.09.2018

    First US 'Intense Pleasure' Sex Doll Brothel Feared to 'Train Men to Be Rapists'

  • DS Doll service robot
    18:08 23.09.2018

    Chinese Robotics Firm Unveils World's First 3D-Printed Moving Sexbot (VIDEO)

  • Realbotix sex doll
    16:55 15.09.2018

    'Market to Explode:' Italy Sex Doll Bordello to 'Resume Activity Soon' – Reports

  • Sex doll
    16:21 13.09.2018

    'Beautiful Silicone Ladies' Brothel in Turin Stayed Open for Less Than 2 Weeks

  • A silicone sex doll is displayed on March 5, 2018 in a room of a brothel like establishment in Paris where customers can pay for sexual intercourse with dolls, the first of its kind in France
    21:54 06.09.2018

    Author Uses Sex Dolls as Models in Her New Book – Reports

  • Adult sex dolls
    20:53 03.09.2018

    Italy's First Sex Doll Brothel 'Booked Out for Weeks'

  • Lumidolls
    18:39 30.08.2018

    Sexbot Firm Claims Its Third Brothel in Europe Will Help 'Realize All Fantasies'

  • Sex Doll Agency
    22:53 28.08.2018

    Sex Doll Brothel Opening in Toronto Next Month Claims to Be America’s First

  • Robotics
    15:02 25.08.2018

    'Black Mirror' Revisited: Sex Cyborg With Full Body Movement 'Almost Ready'

  • A worker assembles a sex doll at the WMDOLL factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China, July 11, 2018
    18:56 16.08.2018

    China's Major Sex Doll Firm Racing to Make Full Movement Sex Cyborg to Outrun US

  • Harmony, a lifelike sex doll
    18:26 11.08.2018

    US Man Claims Women Are 'Threatened' By Brave New World of Sex Dolls