• French actress Catherine Deneuve. (File)
    15:10 15.01.2018

    'Worse Than Spitting in the Face': Deneuve Apologizes to Sex Assault Victims

  • Judge Roy Moore participates in the Mid-Alabama Republican Club's Veterans Day Program in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, U.S., November 11, 2017
    19:00 14.11.2017

    Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore 'Should Step Aside' Amid Sex Allegations - Speaker Ryan

  • UK Conservative Party placards
    13:44 04.11.2017

    UK Conservative Party Rolls Out New Code of Conduct to Counter Sexual Harassment

  • Producer Harvey Weinstein participates in the War and Peace panel at the A&E 2016 Winter TCA in Pasadena, Calif. (File)
    14:44 10.10.2017

    Donna Karan in Lone Defense of Harvey Weinstein As A-Listers Blast Film Mogul

  • Indian students shout slogans as they hold placards demanding stringent punishment to rapists during a protest in New Delhi, India (File)
    16:33 23.02.2017

    Under Public Pressure, India Announces First Sex Offenders Registry

  • A scared woman
    22:09 07.01.2017

    Sacrificed for the EU-NATO Axis: Europe's Women Branded Whores and Liars

  • Migrants struggle to board a bus sent to pick them up on the closed highway A4 towards Vienna at the Austrian side of the border between Hungary and Austria on September 11, 2015 near Nickelsdorf, Austria.
    14:49 07.01.2017

    Innsbruck Sex Attacks: EU 'Needs Binding Agreement With Third Countries to Deport Migrants'

  • Women hold up placards that read Mrs. Merkel: Where are you? What are you saying? This worries us! during a protest in front of the Cologne Cathedral, Germany, January 5, 2016. Germans have been deeply shocked by a series of attacks, assaults, and other crimes committed by asylum-seekers taking advantage of Merkel's open-door immigration policy.
    20:33 07.12.2016

    Cologne's Prosecutors Open Over 250 Cases Following New Year Eve's Sex Crimes

  • Police Officers check cars on a motorway.
    20:58 10.08.2016

    Police Looking for Suspect in Child Sex Attack in Southern France

  • Police officers patrol in front of the main station of Cologne, Germany (File)
    20:10 11.07.2016

    German Police Find Just 120 of 2000 Perps Responsible for NYE Sex Attacks

  • Court Awards Sentences to 2 Men Accused of New Year Cologne Sex Assaults

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Female and male soldiers
    19:27 09.06.2016

    Rape Within UK, US Military Gets Reported and is Then Hushed Up

  • German police officer
    15:12 31.05.2016

    German Police Receive 18 Sexual Assault Complaints After Darmstadt Festival

    Europe Sees Wave of Sex Attacks Amid Migrant Crisis
  • A police car passes the central railway station in Cologne, Germany. (File)
    20:49 28.04.2016

    Swiss Border Guards Arrest Key Suspect in Cologne Sex Assaults - Police

  • Östersund, Sweden
    20:17 08.03.2016

    Swedish Police Blasted for Curfew Call Amid Surge in Violent Sex Attacks

  • Police in the eastern German state of Saxony might show greater tolerance of far-right extremism than the population, the local deputy governor suggested in an interview with Die Zeit on Thursday.
    19:48 03.03.2016

    German Official: Saxony Police Tolerate Anti-Migrant Sentiment

  • Police officers patrol in front of the main station of Cologne, Germany (File)
    10:28 16.02.2016

    More Germans Believe Gov't Should Stop Refugee Influx After Cologne Attacks

  • Judge. Referee hammer and a man in judicial robes.
    18:14 11.02.2016

    Judge Appointed to Probe UK Police Handling of VIP Historic Sex Cases

  • Demonstration of German party AfD (Alternative for Germany) in Mainz, Germany.
    18:13 02.02.2016

    German Right-Wing Party Branded 'Inhumane' Over Refugee Shooting Claim

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • MINUSCA Police Commissioner on Foot Patrol in Bangui
    15:13 29.01.2016

    New Cases of Sex Abuse by Soldiers in CAR Revealed