• Data sharing
    12:45 06.10.2015

    So Long Safe Harbor: EU/US Data Sharing Deal Suspended

  • Apple Inc. agreed to transfer the personal data of Russian citizens to the Russian company IXcellerate, Kommersant reported.
    14:42 10.09.2015

    Fine, You Can Have It: Apple to Move Data on Russians to Company in Moscow

  • From now on, Internet companies are obliged to store the data of Russian nationals on servers located within the country only.
    10:41 01.09.2015

    Russia Prohibits Storage of Citizens' Data on Foreign Servers

  • Server room
    15:56 29.04.2015

    Ukraine Takes Down 30,000 Sites to Block Five 'Pro-Russian' Ones

  • More than a million Swedish web surfers have reportedly been exposed to spyware on their personal computers through an add-on specifically targeting Google's Chrome browser
    17:00 07.04.2015

    Not So Incognito: One Million Swedish PCs Hit by Google Chrome Spyware

  • US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said Hillary Clinton should turn over her personal server she used for emails while working as the US Secretary of State to a third party.
    20:50 17.03.2015

    Boehner Urges Clinton to Turn Over Email Server She Used at US State Dep't