• Alexandra Guseva aka Lady Sasha, a Lady Gaga look-a-like from Russia
    17:36 25.10.2016

    Born This Way: Russian 'Lady Gaga' Becomes Newest Game of Thrones Star

  • Mazhor
    15:32 18.10.2016

    Netflix Releases Russian Cop Drama Centered on Country's Elite 'Golden Youth'

  • Netflix Reception Desk
    15:39 06.06.2016

    Coming Soon! Netflix to Shoot Original Series Based on Epic Indian Novel

  • Following the passing of a law earlier this month banning a slew of Russian films and television serials, Ukraine's Minister of Culture promised financial incentives for the creation of television and audio production which propagates Ukrainian achievements.
    22:24 17.02.2015

    Ukraine's Minister of Culture: Gov't Will Reward 'Patriotic Propaganda' on TV