• Grey seal
    10:23 29.08.2017

    Hungry Hostile Seals Terrorize Danish Coast, Chagrin Fishermen

  • Seals Prevent Sailors From Fishing
    20:00 25.08.2017

    Unequal Battle: Sailors vs Countless Seals

  • Cheeky Seal Lounges Around Inside Rubber Boat
    20:00 08.07.2017

    Don't Worry, Be Happy! Lazy Seal Relaxes in Rubber Boat

  • Seal
    16:09 25.05.2017

    Nature-Loving Finns Going Gaga Over Fat 'Sealebrity' Flashing His Bits

  • Seals Getting Ready For Victory Day
    13:00 07.05.2017

    Cute Seals Prepare for Victory Day Celebrations

  • Seal
    13:50 19.04.2017

    Sassy Seal Gets Ejected From Swedish Town After Irking Police

  • Grey seal
    14:02 06.04.2017

    Seals 'Lend a Helping Flipper' to Swedish Researchers in Maritime Monitoring

  • Adorable seal hitches a ride on the front of a cargo ship as it travels into Melbourne
    16:00 18.03.2017

    Lazy Seal Hitches a Ride on a Cargo Ship

  • Kroshik The Seal Moves To New Home
    13:00 19.01.2017

    This is Kroshik, a Very Socialized Seal Cub Who Loves His New Pool

  • Seal cub
    15:55 09.01.2017

    Kamchatka Residents Save Seal Pup From Pack of Hungry Stray Dogs

  • Shark attack at High Head
    03:01 01.12.2016

    Shark Vs Seal Beach Fight (GRAPHIC)

  • Iranian activists at a special rehabilitation center on the island of Ashur Ada treat wounded and weakened Caspian seals
    19:43 07.11.2016

    Sea Saviors: Iranian Activists Rescue and Release Rare Caspian Seal (PHOTOS)

  • Wild Wonders of Antarctica, Slated for Biggest Marine Reserve
    11:40 30.10.2016Photo10

    Wild Wonders of Antarctica, Slated for Biggest Marine Reserve

  • Fighting dolphin
    17:01 24.09.2016

    US May Be Secretly Funding Resurrection of Ukrainian Combat Dolphin Program

  • Sail On, Sea Lion
    09:40 23.09.2016

    Sail the Ocean, Look at Sea Lions

  • Orcas hunting! seal jumps in the boat
    15:30 24.08.2016

    Seal Jumps on Board an Instant Before Killer Whale Tries to Eat It

  • Seal hunting thousands of fish form a seal in Bondi Beach, Sydney
    16:48 19.08.2016

    View a Seal Chasing a School of Fish From High Above

  • Five Grey Seals Are Released Into the Wild
    12:45 18.06.2016

    The Taste of Freedom: Grey Seals Released Into the Wild

  • Baltic gray seal on a Zelenogradsk city beach
    15:43 27.05.2016

    Hot and Bothered: Global Warming Gets Baltic Seals in Hot Water

  • Ringed seal
    16:50 10.05.2016

    Rock-Watchers Rejoice: Finnish Seal Sighted Thanks to WWF Streaming Video