• The nebula remains of a dead giant star surround the remaining subdwarf O star, another kind of hot subdwarf.
    02:02 03.08.2019

    California Scientists Discover New Category of Pulsating Stars

  • An FDA microbiologist tests seafood samples for the presence of Salmonella.
    23:54 21.06.2019

    Salmonella Strain Resistant to ‘Last Resort’ Antibiotics Uncovered in US

  • Baby macaque and its mother
    23:56 17.06.2019

    ‘Accidental Poisoning’ at US Research Facility Killed At Least Seven Infant Monkeys

  • The International Space Station photographed from a Soyuz spacecraft
    15:53 30.05.2019

    Russian Cosmonauts Remove a Towel That Spent 10 Years on Surface of ISS

  • Beer glass
    22:09 22.05.2019

    Historic Booze: Israeli Scientists Brew 'Ancient Beer' Goliath May Have Quaffed

  • The regions around supermassive black holes shine brightly in X-rays
    14:35 22.05.2019

    BLACK HOLE Awe: Einstein Dead RIGHT About Universe Build-Up, Gravitation Wave Tests Prove

  • Mars
    16:23 21.05.2019

    Mars 'Actually the Only Planet' Humans Can Go to Escape Earth, Professor Claims

  • Woman and her puppy
    00:00 18.05.2019

    Born This Way? Twin Research Highlights Link Between Genetics, Dog Ownership

  • Silk worms
    12:35 17.05.2019

    Scientists Invent Unusual Method to Eliminate Forest Pests

  • Quantum century
    12:00 15.05.2019

    World's Biggest Companies, Scientists to Explore Future of Quantum Technologies

  • Brave New World
    14:44 05.05.2019

    Oil-Eating Bacteria

  • Asteroid
    16:03 01.05.2019

    Scientists REVEAL Whether Giant Asteroid Will Collide With Earth in 2029

  • Владимир Оберемок проводит исследования по созданию oligoRIBO-11-инсектицида в лаборатории «ПЦР-анализа, ДНК-технологий и разработки ДНК-инсектицидов» КФУ им. В.И. Вернадского
    13:40 30.04.2019

    Russian Scientists Create Eco-Friendly Pesticide Repelling Gypsy Moth

  • National University of Science and Technology MISiS
    12:40 30.04.2019

    Amorphous Alloys: Scientists Create Brand-New Energy Efficient Materials

  • Sea ice melts on the Franklin Strait along the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Saturday, July 22, 2017. Because of climate change, more sea ice is being lost each summer than is being replenished in winters. Less sea ice coverage also means that less sunlight will be reflected off the surface of the ocean in a process known as the albedo effect. The oceans will absorb more heat, further fueling global warming.
    22:17 29.04.2019

    Life in Jeopardy? Scientists REVEAL New Potential Danger for Earth’s Climate

  • Microscope
    14:45 22.04.2019

    Russian, Italian Scholars Develop Ultrafast Microscope for Dark Matter Research

  • Shrimps
    12:17 16.04.2019

    Scientists to Save Shrimp From a Lethal Viral Epidemic

  • Supermassive Black Hole Burping
    21:31 11.04.2019

    'Huge Day for Science': Netizens HURRAY Female Scientist Who Unveiled First Ever PHOTO of Black Hole

  • ISS astronauts adjust truss above New Zealand
    06:11 10.04.2019

    Canadian Space Agency Sees Science Cooperation With Russia as Area of Growth

  • Apocalypse
    21:09 06.04.2019

    Earth is ‘In Midst of Mass Extinction’, Sir David Attenborough Warns