• Indian women work at the electrical wiring section of the OREVA E Bike manufacturing facility near Samakhiali of Kutch district, some 240 kms from Ahmedabad on May 24, 2012
    18:08 25.05.2016

    Position Determines Pay Parity: Indian Women Earn as Almost Much as Men

  • Guatemalan presidential candidate for the National Front of Convergence (FCN) party, Jimmy Morales, casts his vote at a polling station in Mixco, 19 km from Guatemala City, during general elections on September 6, 2015
    06:43 13.02.2016

    No Kidding: Guatemala’s New President, Former Comedian Jimmy Morales, Donates 60% of First Paycheck to Charity

  • Technology sector
    20:09 12.02.2016

    UK Tech Sector to Suffer if Gov't Doesn't Change Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

  • Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (2-L) and Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove (R) walk with students during the opening of the Perry Beeches III Free School in Birmingham on September 3, 2013
    14:27 01.02.2016

    Black UK Graduates Earn 23% Less Than White Colleagues - Trades Union Congress

  • Real Median Household Income by Race and Historic Origin: 1967 to 2014
    21:43 28.01.2016

    Median Household Income Declining: Obama's Economic Recovery is a Sham

  • The United States must consider legislation to ensure federal workers are compensated financially in case government shutdowns occur - NTEU
    01:29 25.09.2015

    US Must Pay Federal Workers in Case of Government Shutdown - Union

  • Greece will not be able to open dozens of schools across the country due to a lack of teaching staff.
    22:34 10.09.2015

    Dozens of Schools in Greece to Stay Closed Despite Start of New School Year

  • Anti-austerity rally in London
    19:02 24.07.2015

    UK Worker’s Pay Lagging While MPs Enjoy a Rise

  • Empty Pockets
    10:12 25.06.2015

    Cash-Strapped Saakashvili Misses His Days Collecting Money From US

  • Ukrainian traffic policemen
    17:25 16.05.2015

    Ukraine Swaps Traffic Police for US-Style Patrols

  • Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    04:23 15.04.2015

    Hillary Clinton Voices Concern About American CEOs Bloated Salaries

  • Session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
    17:27 14.03.2015

    Trace the Tranche: IMF Loan to Raise Salary to Public Servants in Ukraine?

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin holds meeting with Government members
    11:56 06.03.2015

    Putin Tightens Belt, Takes 10% Pay Cut Amid Economic Stress