• Rangers Provoke Rhinos to Charge Tourists on Walking Safari ! Kruger National Park
    13:20 20.12.2016

    Dangerous Games With Mother Nature: Rhinos Attack Tourists on Walking Safari

  • Lion Attacks Riders on Horseback Safari !
    21:00 19.11.2016

    Safari Riders Run Into a Lion

  • Peter Hultqvist
    14:18 09.11.2016

    Business & Pleasure? Swedish Minister Enjoys Luxury Safari on Tax-Payers' Money

  • Pokemon Go, mobile game from Nintendo
    13:25 26.07.2016

    Russian Travel Agencies Ready to Send Pokemon Go Fans on Individual Safaris

  • Amur, a Siberian tiger, and a goat called Timur are seen here in an enclosure at the Primorye Safari Park
    16:21 16.03.2016

    Ooh La La! One of Timur the Goat’s Fiancées Turns Up Pregnant

  • Friendship between goat Timur and tiger Amur at Safari Park in Primorye Territory
    19:20 11.03.2016

    You've Goat to Be Kidding! Timur’s Dark Past Revealed

  • Manya the goat, the first of potential mates for Timur the goat, in Primorye Safari Park on the park's 9th birthday
    19:55 07.03.2016

    Celebrity Bachelor: Timur the Goat Gets Three New Fiancées

  • A girl feeds a caribou
    02:52 09.02.2016

    Safari Thrills: Little Girl Hand-Feeds Giant Caribou Through Car Window

  • Singing Animals Ask for Treat?
    17:39 02.07.2015

    Singing Zebra Asks for Treat?

  • Lion Opens Tourists Car Door, Family Panics
    19:08 05.03.2015

    Lion Opens Tourists Car Door, Family Panics