• Indian national flag
    05:32 09.02.2018

    Rousing Water Conflict: India Suspects China of Disrupting River Sutlej Flow

  • Visit The Wonderland That Is Iceland
    09:00 04.02.2018

    Land of Sagas: Enjoy this Breathtaking Aerial Footage of Iceland

  • Siang River view
    22:18 29.11.2017

    Changing River Water Color Deepens India’s Fear of Possible Diversion by China

  • In this Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 photo, demonstrators hold photos of missing activist Santiago Maldonado, during a protest at Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    20:12 19.10.2017

    'Too Shady': Body Thought to Be Missing Activist Found Ahead of Argentina Vote

  • Canadian Put Out The Fire With Hydrocycle
    09:00 03.08.2017

    How to Put Out a Fire With a Speedboat: The Canadian Way

  • Tiger Takes A Bath In Russia's Don River
    13:00 26.07.2017

    Tiger Hydrotherapy: Man Takes His Big Cat to Cool off in a River

  • People collect water from shallow wells dug along the Shabelle River bed, which is dry due to drought in Somalia's Shabelle region, March 19, 2016
    10:17 23.07.2017

    Hell or High Water: Droughts and Dams Open Floodgates of Global Conflict

  • Grizzly Cubs Hitch a Ride
    16:20 25.06.2017

    Mom-Grizzly Bear Carries Cubs on Its Back Across the River

  • Bear in River
    20:07 24.06.2017

    Sometimes Even Bears Need Help

  • Cities of the world. Bamberg
    20:14 20.05.2017

    River or Wall? Can You Solve the Viral Riddle That Stumped the German Internet?

  • Mother Volga: A Tour of Europe's Longest River
    18:00 20.05.2017Photo13

    Mother Volga: A Tour of Europe's Longest River

  • St. Clair River Dive Under Freighter - The Real Deal
    21:02 08.05.2017

    Diving Under Freighter

  • The Hindu prays on the bank of Ganges in Allahabad, India
    01:25 08.04.2017

    Indian Court Declares Rivers, Glaciers, to be Legal Persons

  • A boat chugs along the Hudson River as fog and clouds blanket over the New York City Skyline seen from Liberty State Park, Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015, in Jersey City, N.J
    02:53 24.03.2017

    What’s That Smell? 100,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Dumped Into Hudson River

  • Environment
    19:21 23.03.2017

    Fashion Industry Is Deliberately Murdering Our Rivers - Environment Experts

  • Rio Negro (Amazon)
    01:01 22.03.2017

    Over the Hill: Amazon River Might Be Way Older Than We Thought

  • Britain's Prince Harry (2nd R) paddles in a waka (Maori war canoe) on the Whanganui river during a visit to Whanganui on May 14, 2015. Prince Harry arrived in New Zealand on May 9 for a week-long visit.
    17:18 16.03.2017

    New Zealand River to Become 'Legal Person' With Full 'Human Rights'

  • Fish
    22:19 24.02.2017

    What Can Go Wrong? Australia Plans to Control Carp Population Using Herpes Virus

  • Iceberg Right Ahead, If You Catch My Drift
    21:12 15.01.2017

    Keep Calm and Go With the Flow

  • Sea Bubble
    15:41 13.01.2017

    Flying Taxis Poised to Soar Over Parisian Waterways