• Police shine a light on and photograph a helmet as they investigate the scene where two police officers were shot outside the Ferguson Police Department Thursday, March 12, 2015, in Ferguson, Mo
    17:06 12.03.2015

    Video Catches Moment Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot During Protest

  • Leipzig University where Professor Beck-Sickinger teaches.
    23:43 09.03.2015

    German Professor Refuses to Admit Indian Student, Citing Country's 'Rape Culture'

  • Ferguson Police Office Darren Wilson on the Fatal Shooting Incident
    19:35 05.03.2015

    Family of Michael Brown Confirms Lawsuit Against Officer Darren Wilson

  • Urban Institute study reveals that the great wealth disparity between white and non-white Americans continues because of differences in retirement savings and homeownership
    04:45 19.02.2015

    Racial Wealth Inequality Rampant in United States - Urban Institute Study

  • A new study shows a shocking disparity in the treatment of black girls and white girls in the US school system.
    20:02 10.02.2015

    Black & White: Researchers Find Racial Bias in School Suspensions