• Raqqa
    10:05 26.05.2016

    Kurds Set Sights on Controlling Daesh Capital of Raqqa Following Liberation

  • Afghan security forces investigate at the site of a suicide truck bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan
    08:38 25.05.2016

    Ten Killed East of Afghanistan's Capital in Bomb Attack

  • Security officers gather at a scene following a vehicle explosion near a military facility in Istanbul, Turkey, May 12, 2016.
    17:44 19.05.2016

    One Killed, Nine Injured in Bomb Explosion in Southeastern Turkey

  • Members of the Turkish police special forces secure a street (File)
    13:18 11.05.2016

    Five Turkish Arms Smugglers With Suspected Daesh Links Break Out of Jail

  • Russian jets at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria
    12:56 16.03.2016

    Russia's Hmeymim, Tartus Facilities in Syria Not Military Bases

  • Agricultural activities in the western Turkish province of Antalya have almost slowed to a standstill due to Russian sanctions against Turkey, according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News
    13:51 15.03.2016

    Farming Out: Antalya's Agriculture Almost Grinds to a Halt Due to Russian Sanctions

  • Syrian pro-government troops hold positions in the Syrian town of Ain al-Hanash near l-Bab in Aleppo's eastern countryside.file photo
    17:36 08.03.2016

    No Peace for Al-Nusra: Syrian Army Pounds Terrorists in Latakia, Continues Advance on Idlib

  • Syrian Army tanks enter a village near the Kweyris military air base in the northern province of Aleppo after the army took control of the surrounding villages from Daesh terrorists. file photo
    14:13 06.03.2016

    Spring Cleaning: Syrian Army Crushes Terrorists in Latakia Province

  • Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are transported to the front line of the town of Chaddade in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasaka, on February 19, 2016
    17:40 20.02.2016

    Degrading Daesh: Syrian Democratic Forces Liberate Key Town in Oil-Producing Province

  • Crews of 130 mm guns of the 10th Division, 2nd Corps of the Syrian Arab Army are deployed off Katana, Damascus Province
    08:50 28.01.2016

    Full Throttle: From Aleppo to Daraa, Syrian Army Advances on Militants

  • Liberated Syrian Salma, Latakia Province
    08:54 27.01.2016

    Syrian Army Liberates 18 Towns, Villages in Northeast Latakia Province

  • Syrian pro-government forces hold a position as smoke billows following an air strike on Daesh militants' position in the Hatabat al-Bab area, near town of Al-Bab in Aleppo's eastern countryside, on January 24, 2016
    08:57 26.01.2016

    Take Cover, Daesh: Syrian Army Continues to Destroy Militants in Aleppo

  • Syrian pro-government forces adjust a man-portable anti-tank system as they hold a position during a military operation against Daesh militants
    17:37 25.01.2016

    Downgrading Daesh: Syrian Army Repels Jihadists' Attacks in Deir ez-Zor

  • Turkish Army vehicles and tanks wait near the Syrian border in Suruc on February 23, 2015
    14:46 20.01.2016

    Erdogan Sets His Sights on Syria, But is He Fighting Dastardly Daesh or Democratic Kurds?

  • MiG-23 aircraft of the Syrian Air Force
    08:44 17.01.2016

    Suburban Combat: Syrian Army Fights Islamists in Greater Damascus

  • Syrian army captures Marj al-Sultan military airbase
    08:51 26.12.2015

    Taking the High Road: Syrian Army Seizes Strategic Areas in Latakia

  • Afghan officials investigate the site of a deadly suicide attack on a joint NATO-Afghan base in the Ghani Khail district of Nangarhar province, east of Jalalabad, Afghanistan. File photo
    08:49 26.08.2015

    'Insider Attack' Leaves Two NATO Soldiers Dead in Afghanistan

  • Kurdish Forces in Syria Fired Upon by Turkish Tanks

  • First of 4,600 panels for China's FAST telescope
    12:12 25.07.2015

    Made in China: Assembly of World's Biggest Radio Telescope Gets Underway

  • A US Army AH-64 Apache helicopter flies over a village in Naray, in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province.file photo
    13:31 20.07.2015

    With Friends Like These: US 'Friendly Fire' Kills Afghan Soldiers Again