• Protesters tie the British colonial flag to the parliament's podium after breaking into the government headquarters in Hong Kong on 1 July 2019, on the 22nd anniversary of the city's handover from Britain to China.
    17:14 01.07.2019

    Hong Kong Protesters Storm Parliament Building, Seize Main Debating Chamber (Photo, Video)

  • Members of Sudan's paramilitary Rapid Support Forces patrol Nile street in the capital Khartoum on June 10, 2019 on the second day of a nationwide civil disobedience campaign called to pressure the ruling military into handing over power. - A nationwide civil disobedience campaign by Sudanese protesters entered a second day today, as the authorities released three prominent rebels detained after a crackdown that left dozens dead. Some shops opened and buses plied the streets of Khartoum, but much of the capital remained shut. (Photo by - / AFP)
    17:01 30.06.2019

    Sudanese Security Forces Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Capital's North

  • Protesters storm Bahrain's embassy in Baghdad
    23:05 27.06.2019

    Protesters Storm Bahrain Embassy in Baghdad, Burn US-Israeli Flags (Video, Photos)

  • Khartoum, Sudan
    03:50 11.06.2019

    Sudan's TMC Arrested Military Personnel Accused of Using Violence Against Protesters

  • Sudanese protesters are seen near burning tyres used to erect a barricade on a street, demanding that the country's Transitional Military Council handover power to civilians, in Khartoum
    00:12 05.06.2019

    ‘Everybody’s Against Them’: Sudan Government Lost Legitimacy By Sending Janjaweed Militia Against Protesters

  • Britain's Queen Elizabeth II greets U.S. President Donald Trump as he arrives for the Ceremonial Welcome at Buckingham Palace, in London, Britain June 3, 2019
    21:54 03.06.2019

    Spat With London Mayor & Warm Royal Welcome: Trump's First Day of UK State Visit

    Donald Trump's State Visit to the UK
  • Israeli police. (File)
    14:52 02.06.2019

    Israeli Police Clash With Arab Protesters on Temple Mount in Jerusalem (PHOTO)

  • Police officers are deployed near the site where an explosion went off in Jakarta, Indonesia Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016
    22:54 21.05.2019

    Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters in Indonesia's Jakarta - Reports (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • McDonald's fast food restaurant. (File)
    17:24 18.05.2019

    McDonald's Put Milkshakes on Hold During Farage Rally Following Police Request Due to Food-Pelting Incidents

  • An activist in opposition of the U.S. involvement in Venezuela occupying the Venezuelan Embassy, sits in a window sill in Washington, U.S., April 25, 2019.
    20:52 14.05.2019

    US Police May Arrest Protectors of Venezuela's Embassy in Washington - Activists

  • The supporters of opposition leader and self-proclaimed president of Venezuela Juan Guaido had been gathering outside the Venezuela embassy for several days, however, it seems that they have now taken action.
    07:48 04.05.2019

    Protesters Reportedly Tried to Break Into Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC (VIDEOS)

  • An activist in opposition of the U.S. involvement in Venezuela occupying the Venezuelan Embassy, sits in a window sill in Washington, U.S., April 25, 2019.
    22:38 02.05.2019

    Venezuelan FM: Washington Must Protect Our Embassy in DC

    Political Crisis in Venezuela
  • Smoke billows as fire engulfs the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France April 15, 2019
    03:21 18.04.2019

    PR Operation: Macron Uses Notre Dame Blaze to Stage Show of ‘National Unity’

  • Colombian President Ivan Duque speaks during a hearing at the Supreme Court in Bogota on March 7, 2019
    17:33 09.04.2019

    Assassination Attempt on Colombian President Duque Prevented – Report

  • A satirical balloon of a baby US President Donald Trump is seen through the US-Mexico border fence during a demonstration against him prior to his visit to Calexico, California, as seen from Mexicali, Baja California state, Mexico, on April 5, 2019.
    09:17 06.04.2019

    Outrage as 'Baby Trump' Blimp Flown at US-Mexico Border Ahead of POTUS' Visit

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem March 10, 2019
    11:35 31.03.2019

    Twitterstorm as Netanyahu Spokesman Compares Palestinian Protesters to ‘ISIS Women’

  • Demonstrators hold EU and Union flags during an anti-Brexit protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, December 17, 2018
    03:04 26.03.2019

    'Very Difficult’ to Forecast UK's Fate Amid Theresa May’s Brexit Debacle

  • This Week in Pictures: 16 - 22 March
    13:55 22.03.2019Photo17

    This Week in Pictures: 16 - 22 March

  • A miner slowly carries a heavy load of wet coal
    13:18 18.03.2019

    One Killed, Dozen Injured in Protest for Jobs at Aluminium Plant in India

    11:00 17.03.2019

    Angry Voices and a Chainsaw: Protesters Invade Serbian State TV Headquarters (PHOTO)