• A racegoer drinks a glass of wine during Ladies day at Royal Ascot in Ascot, west of London on June 16, 2016.
    19:06 10.07.2017

    English Wine Industry Toasts to Groundbreaking Year, Defying Brexit Grape Gloom

  • Ka-52K helicopter takes off from the deck of Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea
    14:45 22.06.2017

    Sale of 'Formidable' Ka-52 to Egypt Boosts Russia's Middle East Market Clout

  • A worker paints a tank of Brazil's state-run Petrobras oil company in Brasilia, Brazil in this September 30, 2015 file photo
    05:15 12.05.2017

    Brazil’s Petrobras Posts 2-Year High Net Profit of $1.42 Billion

  • Sberbank Office in Moscow
    10:10 10.05.2017

    Russia's Sberbank Q1 Net Profit Climbs by 45.5% to $3.5 Bln

  • Rostec state corporation
    09:00 28.04.2017

    Rostec's 2016 Consolidated Net Profit Down by 11% to $1.5 Bln

  • US dollars
    07:58 31.03.2017

    Scientologists Profited From $53 Million in 'Donations' Made in Russia in Years

  • Taxation
    18:58 22.03.2017

    Australia Leads Crackdown on Multinational Profit Shifting

  • Mexican flag
    02:11 11.03.2017

    Mexico’s New Oil Tender Contracts to Bring $34 Billion Investments

  • Iraqi security forces and allied Popular Mobilization Forces fire rockets at Daesh positions at an oil field outside Beiji, some 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015
    21:45 14.12.2016

    SPUTNIK EXCLUSIVE: How Militants in Mosul Make Huge Profit by Selling Oil at Skyrocketing Prices (PHOTO)

  • Boeing 737-800 airplanes are on the assembly line at Boeing's 737 assembly facility in Renton, Wash (File)
    23:30 13.12.2016

    Commercial-Aircraft Makers, US Defense Firms Likely to Boost Profits in 2017

  • Sberbank Office in Moscow
    16:28 08.11.2016

    Sberbank to Reach Record Net Profit Margin by End of 2016 - CEO

  • Workers walk past the London headquarters of Deutsche Bank in the City of London, Britain in this May 19, 2015 file photo
    09:48 27.10.2016

    Deutsche Bank Reports Profit in Q3 2016 Despite Row With US Regulators

  • Russia's Gazprom Neft Expects Net Profit Growth as Year-End Result - CEO

  • The Lastochka electric train - a result of cooperation between the Russian Railways and Siemens.
    12:43 05.09.2016

    Russian Railways Steams Ahead With 73% Increase in Profits in First Half of 2016

  • A new report by Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General revealed that private prisons in the United States are less secure than those run by the state, both for the inmates and for guards
    12:07 15.08.2016

    Why Profit-Driven Private US Prisons Have Problems Competing With Public Peers

  • UK businesses are under threat from ransomware cyberattacks
    15:11 04.08.2016

    More Than Half of UK Businesses Suffer From Ransomware Cyberattacks

  • Sunset over the oil rig
    18:19 30.07.2016

    The Slump Continues: US Energy Giants Announce Massive Losses

  • Deutsche Bank headquarters are seen in Frankfurt, Germany October 8, 2015
    12:40 28.07.2016

    Deutsche Bank Profits Crash 98% on Low Fed Interest Rates

  • Russia’s energy giant Gazprom
    14:21 31.05.2016

    Gazprom: Gas Export to Europe May Exceed 165 Bln Cubic Meters in 2016

  • Coloring book
    19:00 14.04.2016

    Stressed Out? Coloring Books for Adults Help Unwind... and Boost Sales