• White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon departs after a meeting about the American Health Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S. (File)
    10:16 16.07.2018

    'Backbone of Britain': Ex-Trump Strategist Bannon Clashes With UK Radio Host Over Tommy Robinson

  • Prison in the Toubchi district of western Baghdad, Iraq (File)
    16:35 29.05.2018

    Russian Embassy in Iraq Files Appeals Against Sentences for Russian Daesh Members

  • Alex van der Zwaan arrives Federal District Court in Washington, Tuesday, April 3, 2018
    18:52 03.04.2018

    Dutch Attorney Sentenced to 30 Days in Prison in US' Russia Probe - Reports

  • Prison
    23:51 23.02.2018

    Washington DC Police Officer Who Helped Daesh Given 15 Years in Prison

  • Salvadoran Teodora Vasquez, found guilty of what the court said was an illegal abortion via a miscarriage, arrives in a courtroom to appeal her 30-year prison sentence, in San Salvador, El Salvador
    17:27 14.12.2017

    El Salvador Court Rejects Appeal of Woman Serving 30 Years for Stillborn Baby

  • Handcuffs
    03:44 28.09.2017

    Migrant Gets 9 Months For 'Join ISIS With Me' Gag

  • This file photo taken on September 29, 2015 shows the logo of German car maker Volkswagen seen at a northern Virginia dealer in Woodbridge, Virginia
    00:41 26.08.2017

    Volkswagen Engineer in US Gets 3-Year Sentence in Emissions Scandal

  • US Department of Justice
    23:17 09.08.2017

    Former US Broker Sentenced to Prison Over $131Mln Market Scam

  • Winston Blackmore, who is accused of having two dozen wives, smiles at a reporter's phone as he arrives at the BC Supreme Court in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada July 24, 2017.
    18:33 25.07.2017

    25 Wives, 145 Kids Later: Former Sect Leader, Polygamist Goes to Jail in Canada

  • Children's shoes
    14:15 25.07.2017

    Life Behind Bars for Evil Man Who Beat Boy to Death for Losing His Shoe

  • Legal file reading Mafia Capitale on November 5, 2015 at Rome's tribunal, on the opening day of the Mafia Capitale trial, a case related to the alleged infiltration of City Hall by a mafia network.
    17:05 21.07.2017

    One-Eyed Neo-Fascist Gangster Jailed After Massive Corruption Trial in Rome

  • Anjem Choudary, right, a British Muslim social and political activist and spokesman for Islamist group, Islam4UK, speaks following prayers at the Central London Mosque in Regent's Park, London, Friday, April 3, 2015.
    14:35 08.06.2017

    UK Could Release Jailed Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Within 12 Months

  • Social media
    02:36 24.02.2017

    First Swedish Citizen Imprisoned for Helping to Finance Daesh

  • The Johor-Singapore Causeway as viewed from the Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore towards Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
    03:26 04.02.2017

    Singapore Sentences Saudi Diplomat to Caning and Jail for Molesting Woman

  • Australian criminal lawyer Melinda Taylor speaks during a press conference on the 10th anniversary of the online leaking platform WikiLeaks on October 4, 2016 in Berlin.
    20:27 19.01.2017

    'War on Whistleblowers Not Over' - Assange's Lawyer Tells Sputnik

  • A combination made on July 3, 2013 shows a file picture of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (L) taken on June 7, 2013 in London and a still frame grab recorded on June 6, 2013 in Hong Kong of former US agent of the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden
    16:22 18.01.2017

    After Manning's Reprieve, Attention Turns to Fate of Snowden and Assange

  • A masked Kurdish man waves a PKK's flag
    19:03 13.01.2017

    Turkish Lawmaker Sentenced for Almost Five Years for PKK Ties

  • Locked prison gate
    17:41 03.01.2017

    'Extremely Dangerous' Returning French Jihadist Jailed for 10 Years

  • Mohammed Ali Malek is seen at Catania's tribunal, April 24, 2015
    17:06 13.12.2016

    Italy Sentences Tunisian Human Smuggler to 18 Years in Jail

  • Five Men Sentenced to Prison in Uzbekistan for Spreading Jihadist Ideas – Source
    04:57 25.10.2016

    Man Rejected by Woman Gets 10 Days in Jail for Throwing Her off a Balcony