• Consciousness
    21:26 01.10.2017

    Peppermint or Fish: Research Shows Loss of Smell May Be Early Sign of Dementia

  • Tourists view the Morning Glory hot spring in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming (File)
    21:30 10.09.2017

    NASA Scientists Suggest Way to Defuse Global Threat Worse Than Asteroids

  • FILE PHOTO:The logo of AstraZeneca is seen on medication packages in a pharmacy in London.
    18:34 29.08.2017

    UK Pharma Company AstraZeneca Takes Lead in Developing Parkinson's Drug

  • Facial recognition
    16:57 07.06.2017

    Minority Report Becomes Reality: UK Police Make First Facial Recognition Arrest

  • Russian Army in pictures
    16:41 07.04.2017

    All You Need to Know About Russia-US Memo on Preventing Incidents Over Syria

    US Missile Attack on Syrian Air Base
  • Facebook
    02:29 02.03.2017

    Facebook Wants Artificial Intelligence to Help Prevent Suicides

  • UK security threat
    01:04 27.02.2017

    UK Watchdog Says Daesh Attacks on British Soil an ‘Enormous Risk’

  • A veiled young woman
    15:59 20.01.2017

    'UK Prevent Strategy Marginalizing and Demonizing Muslims' - Expert Says

  • Like and Dislike
    04:21 20.01.2017

    US Army Mulls Social Media as Potential Tool to Prevent Suicide

  • Minsk national airport. (File)
    15:16 10.01.2017

    Russia to Take Measures to Ensure Security After Belarus Visa Abolition

  • How to stop anyone from snoring
    13:30 05.01.2017

    Show, Don't Tell: Best Way to Teach Others Not to Snore

  • A young boy's expression
    18:07 23.12.2016

    'Ounce of Prevention is Worth Pound of Cure':Teen Violence in US Spreads Like Brushfire

  • Mobile phone
    18:40 09.12.2016

    Playground of Abuse: Social Media Cause Many Kids to Self-Harm, Says Report

  • Tsar bomba arrives in Moscow
    13:03 30.10.2016

    Peacemaker: How the Soviet Tsar Bomba Helped Prevent Nuclear War

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech during an awards ceremony for Russia's Olympians in Moscow's Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
    15:49 23.09.2016

    Soviet Leaders Should Have Implemented Prevent USSR's Collapse

  • Kazakh police (File)
    08:51 22.09.2016

    Nine Terrorist Attacks Prevented in Kazakhstan in 2016

  • Artificial intelligence
    21:51 13.09.2016

    Rise of Artificial Intelligence Ushers Era of Robot Criminals

  • Sex slavery
    14:04 09.09.2016

    Pop-Up Brothels and Sex Slaves 'Blighting' Britain's Capital

  • Stressed man
    17:21 02.08.2016

    What to Do in a UK Terrorist Attack: 5 Pieces of Advice

  • Pokemon Go players in Ilyinsky Park, Moscow
    17:37 28.07.2016

    Russian Authorities Make Moves to Keep Pokemon Go Players Safe