• Euro banknotes
    15:29 14.11.2018

    French PM Rules Out Abolishing Fuel Tax Hike Despite Upcoming Protests

  • People let off fireworks to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, in Jammu India (File)
    15:45 06.11.2018

    Delhi Breathes Better With Cracker Ban During Festival, Twitter Debates

  • A child walks past a dessert stand during a hazy day in Beijing Friday, Oct. 14, 2016.
    23:31 29.10.2018

    ‘This is Inexcusable:’ 93 Percent of the World’s Children Breathe Polluted Air (VIDEO)

  • Nuclear explosion
    12:36 22.10.2018

    If France Made to Pay For Pacific Nuclear Tests, it Could Set Legal 'Precedent' - Scholar

  • Plastic bottles of mineral water on the bottling line
    22:33 20.10.2018

    Japan Bursting with Plastic Garbage in the Wake of China’s 2017 Waste Import Ban

  • Iraqi people walk past the Rumaila oilfield in Basra, Iraq, January 26, 2016
    09:09 15.10.2018

    Number of Water Poisoning Cases in Iraqi Basra Rises to 111,000 - Reports

  • Ganga River, Varanasi, India
    19:09 11.10.2018

    Indian Environmental Activist Dies Fasting

  • Orca in Kenai Fjords National Park
    01:35 29.09.2018

    Half of All Orca Whales Threatened by Industrial Chemical Pollutants - Study

  • A digital image mock up of the Ocean Cleanup waterborne pollution technology.
    03:25 09.09.2018

    Company Puts Giant Tube in Ocean to Clean It, Musk Says It 'Looks Cool' (VIDEO)

  • Planet Earth
    22:21 13.08.2018

    The End is Nigh: Computer Model Predicts End of Civilization in 2040

  • Plastic Ocean.
    22:37 07.08.2018

    Floating Sieve to Tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch in September (VIDEO)

  • Workers from the Ministry of Public Works and Comunication (MOPC), collect garbage from the beaches of Güibia, Montesino and next to the female Obelisk in the Malecon area, in Santo Domingo on July 16, 2018
    18:41 24.07.2018

    WATCH Waves of Garbage Spoil Beaches in Dominican Republic

  • 'Female Indiana Jones' On Quest To Reveal Waste Dooming Our Planet
    14:40 24.07.2018

    'Female Indiana Jones' On Quest To Reveal Waste Dooming Our Planet

  • Goa, India
    18:37 17.07.2018

    India's Beach Paradise Goa Bans Drinking in Public

  • Tourists on the territory of the Taj Mahal palace in the city of Agra
    14:27 13.07.2018

    Indian Government Denies Claims that Color of Iconic Taj Mahal Has Changed

  • An orca whale swims with other whales in the Pacific Ocean near the mouth of the Columbia River near Ilwaco, Washington
    23:14 10.07.2018

    Ocean ‘Icon’ in Danger: US Pacific Northwest Orcas Facing Extinction

  • Starbucks Coffee
    03:52 10.07.2018

    The Final Straw: Starbucks Ditching Plastic Straws by 2020

  • Blood river
    20:33 04.07.2018

    Mishap or Omen? River in China Turns Red

  • A young lady capturing the several historically significant monuments and architecture details inside Qutab Minar
    15:26 03.07.2018

    Delhi’s Iconic Architectural Marvel Qutab Minar Undergoes Renovation

  • A general view Heathrow Airport near London, Britain October 11, 2016
    13:44 21.06.2018

    British Junior Trade Minister Resigns From Government Over Heathrow Expansion