• The logo of Samsung Electronic is seen at its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, in this file photo taken on April 4, 2016.
    22:40 16.04.2018

    World Won’t Web: Samsung Releases Internet-Blocking Not-So-Smartphone in South Korea

  • china phone explosion
    09:28 22.03.2018

    Mobile Phone Exploded Inches From Man's Face

  • Snake Catcher
    18:01 08.02.2018

    U Wot M8? Australian Man Mistakes Deadly Tiger Snake for Phone Charger (VIDEO)

  • Hugh Grant, British actor
    20:13 05.02.2018

    Truly Hacked Off as Hugh Grant Wins Huge Damages Claim Against Newspaper Group

  • A prison guard open a door during a press visit on October 14, 2015 in the new prison in Valence, southeastern France
    15:12 03.01.2018

    'French Gambit': France Comes Up With Plan to Stop Phone Trafficking in Jails

  • Evacuation prompted by anonymous bomb threat calls in Saint Petersburg, Russia
    21:39 05.10.2017

    Four Russian Nationals Abroad Suspected of False Phone Bomb Threats in Russia

  • Sexual activity
    02:36 22.09.2017

    Disaster 'Relief'? FEMA Tweets Phone Sex Line Instead of Roof Repair Number

  • Member of Georgian parliament tries to take a selfie
    13:00 20.06.2017

    Should We Tell Him How It's Done? Georgian MP Tries to Take a Selfie

  • Paris, France
    16:34 14.06.2017

    'Roam Like Home': The End of Data Roaming Charges in Europe

  • Phone
    03:12 09.04.2017

    Wasn't Me: Indian Cops Arrest Man Behind $300 mln IRS Phone Scam

  • Hitler's Personal Phone
    23:02 25.02.2017

    Nein! German Expert Says Hitler's Phone a Fake

  • US Customs and Border Protection Officer
    01:50 22.02.2017

    Canadian Denied Entry to US After Giving Up Password to His Gay App Profile

  • Nokia 3310
    20:25 15.02.2017

    Do You Remember These Totally Rad 90s Gadgets?

  • Stripper
    01:41 26.01.2017

    Callers to Adult Sex Line Connect to Irish Town Instead

  • Donald Trump (File)
    08:49 14.11.2016

    Chinese Leader, US President-Elect Vow to Pursue Strong Ties

    Donald Trump Elected 45th US President
  • A video journalist uses an Apple iPhone 7 Plus smart phone to film during a press conference for the launching of the news channel, BFM Paris, in Paris, France, October 13, 2016
    20:32 31.10.2016

    iPhone Fever: 7 Crazy Things Apple Fans Did to Get iPhones

    17:07 13.10.2016

    Little Rascal: Raccoon Runs Off With Man's Phone With Camera On

  • Too Good To Go
    19:15 08.08.2016

    Takeaway, Not Trash: New UK Food App to Prevent Waste

  • A Freedom 251 smartphone, which is to be priced at Indian Rupees 251 or USD 3.6 approximately, is shown during its release by officials of Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016
    18:30 28.06.2016

    200,000 Indians Irate After Company Fails to Deliver $3.70 Smartphone

  • This picture taken on May 20, 2015 shows a staff showcasing the always-on screen of YotaPhone 2 during a press conference in Beijing
    12:02 25.04.2016

    Yotaphone's Hong Kong Investment Boost Opens Up Lucrative Chinese Market