• Tower Bridge over the river Thames in London. (File)
    11:51 29.12.2017

    UK Government Resisted Inquiry Into Riverboat Disaster That Killed 51 Partygoers

  • Heathrow Terminal 5 tube station sign
    05:32 11.12.2017

    Heavy Snowfall in UK Strands Tens of Thousands of Passengers at Heathrow Airport

  • Bus in India
    17:34 04.12.2017

    I Smell Trouble: Indian Man Arrested For 'Smelly Socks'

  • This file photo taken on November 29, 2016 shows airplanes of German airline Lufthansa parked in front of the Lufthansa terminal at the Franz-Josef-Strauss airport in Munich, southern Germany
    07:54 29.11.2017

    Lufthansa Released Preview of New Throne-Like Business Class Seats

  • A320 Vueling
    20:55 14.11.2017

    Airliner Passengers in Spain Grounded for Speaking Catalan

  • London underground
    13:39 03.10.2017

    Preacher Spouting Verses About 'Doomsday' Sparks Panic Among UK Train Passengers

  • Rocket
    14:04 29.09.2017

    Elon Musk's Mars Rocket Could Also Take You 'Anywhere on Earth in Under an Hour'

  • Members of the fire service rescue people from cable car gondolas, in Cologne, Germany, Sunday, July 30, 2017.
    19:29 31.07.2017

    Cable Car Accident Leaves 75 Passengers Dangling in the Air Over the Rhine (VIDEO)

  • Drone
    16:56 03.07.2017

    Unmanned Aerial Nuisance: Drone Causes Chaos at London Airport... Again

  • The MC-21's maiden flight
    15:40 28.05.2017

    MC-21, Russia's Answer to Boeing, Performs Its Maiden Flight (PHOTO, VIDEO)

  • Ambulance in Mexico. File photo
    09:44 22.05.2017

    Bus Comes Off Road in Southern Mexico Leaving at Least 12 People Dead

  • Flag of Vietnam
    08:48 07.05.2017

    At Least 11 People Killed in Collision in Central Vietnam

  • 'Passenger Bill of Rights' Mooted After Latest US Airline PR Blunder
    15:07 05.05.2017

    'Passenger Bill of Rights' Mooted After Latest US Airline PR Blunder

  • India Ambulance. (File)
    08:27 05.05.2017

    At Least 14 Killed, 28 Injured in Car Accident in Northern India

  • Aeroflot's Boeing 777 at Sheremetyevo international airport.
    11:06 01.05.2017

    Total of 14 Turbulence-Injured Passengers Remain in Hospital - Aeroflot

  • Pyongyang Sunan International Airport
    16:35 21.04.2017

    What It's Like to Be Stranded in Pyongyang Airport (PHOTOS)

  • Policemen patrol in the Zaventem airport prior to a ceremony commemorating the first anniversary of twin attacks at Brussels airport and a metro train in Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2017.
    18:47 03.04.2017

    Belgium Set for Air, Bus and Railroad Delays in Terror Clampdown

  • Aicraft
    18:48 21.03.2017

    Scientists Begin Experiment to Reveal Chaotic Mysteries of Turbulence

  • In this file photo taken Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014, a woman walks past the company logo of the internet car service, Uber, in San Francisco, USA.
    17:06 20.02.2017

    'Slightly Horrifying': Uber Launches Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Claims

  • Il-96-400T
    17:56 16.01.2017

    Russia Developing 'Transformer' Flying Tanker