• Jewish men walking in the street of Paris, France.
    20:05 27.11.2015

    'No Future for Jews in Europe' as 'We Live in Fear' - Brussels Chief Rabbi

  • Members of the Alexandrov Russian Army song and dance ensemble
    14:10 17.10.2015

    Songs of ‘Invasion’: Czechs Fear Concert of Russian Army Choir

  • Everyone with a thick beard should better watch out now, as people are clearly getting paranoid about ISIL terrorists showing up at their backyard.
    18:10 12.10.2015

    Beard Fear: Swedish Police Nearly Arrest Beard Club Members Mistaken for ISIL

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises
  • Without too much to do as the world is preoccupied with the Syrian conflict these days, NATO has started to look for a “Russian” threat in places where it never existed and never will.
    21:52 09.10.2015

    NATO Ready to Fend Off Russian ‘Threat’ Even When There is None to Be Found

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria
  • An aerial view taken on September 16, 2015 shows migrants camping on no-man's land of the border between Hungary and Serbia near Roeszke
    17:10 17.09.2015

    Walls and Dragons: Hungary Enacts Game of Thrones to Deal With Migrants Crisis

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Stratfor's satellite imagery
    03:48 15.09.2015

    Paranoia for Profit: Satellite Photos Fuel US Hysteria Over 'Expanded' Russian Presence in Syria

  • The Pentagon has expressed concern over cybersecurity threats.
    00:02 04.09.2015

    Russian Vessel Near US Submarine Base Sparks Pentagon Frenzy

  • National Security Bureau's Headquarters, Warsaw
    16:55 27.07.2015

    'Kind Trolls' and Other Weapons in Poland's Information War With Russia

  • The European Debt Crisis Visualized
    22:06 26.07.2015

    Latvians Panic Over Old Bloomberg Infographic Showing Latgale Region Breaking Off From Latvia

  • Cottage Life in Finnish Lakeland
    19:59 19.06.2015

    Costly Paranoia: Finland to Bid for Plots of Land Against Wealthy Russians

  • US Army
    21:43 11.06.2015

    Peace Scarier Than War: US Trapped in Vicious Cycle of Militarism

  • The Kursk, one of Russia's largest and most advanced submarines, which exploded and sank during naval maneuvers in August 2000, heaves ahead in the Barents Sea near Severomorsk in this 1999 file photo
    14:59 27.05.2015

    Russian Submarine Spotted Off Latvia Coast – Latvian Army

  • Two US B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers are set to participate in military exercises over Sweden next month.
    20:23 22.05.2015

    US B-52 Bombers Over Sweden to Send Moscow a 'Security Political Signal'

  • Got-Land? We Got Mines!
    20:44 21.05.2015

    Got-Land? We Got Mines!

  • Danger Mines
    17:11 21.05.2015

    Russians Are Coming! Sweden to Mine Gotland Island?

  • Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski stands with troops from Poland and other nations in Bemowo Piskie near Orzysz, in northeastern Poland
    15:29 06.05.2015

    Polish President Ramps Up Campaign Paranoia Over Russian 'Little Green Men'

  • Norwegian Leopard 2 A4 NO Tank
    18:50 29.04.2015

    Norway Goes Military: Army Spending Skyrockets on 'Russian Threat'

  • Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves reviews the troop ahead of a military parade to celebrate 97 years since first achieving independence in 1918
    15:19 14.04.2015

    Estonians Refute President's 'Irresponsible' Statements, Threat Hype

  • Estonian soldiers take part in an annual military exercise together with several units from other NATO member states on May 18, 2014 near Voru close to the Estonian-Russian border in South Estonia
    18:48 07.04.2015

    Paranoid Corner: Omnipresent Little Green Men Seen All Around Europe

  • Train in  Sventniki, Vilnius County, Lithuania
    17:21 19.03.2015

    Textbook Invasion: Lithuania Confuses Train of Russian Students With Full-on Offensive