• Presidential motorcade.
    04:46 18.02.2017

    Secret Service Launches Probe After Trump’s Motorcade Hit by Unidentified Object

  • An artistic conception of the Jupiter-like exoplanet
    15:23 07.04.2016

    Rogue Planet: Astronomers Track Sunless World 4-8x the Mass of Jupiter

  • March 16, 2016. President of Russia Vladimir Putin, right, and Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov during a meeting in the Kremlin.
    16:45 18.03.2016

    The Kremlin's Secrets: Mystery of the Object Behind Putin's Back Revealed

  • Mysterious metal ‘space balls’ crash down in Vietnam
    00:38 09.01.2016

    Mysterious Metal 'Space Balls' Crash Down Out of Sky Onto Vietnam

  • Military investigators from Russia check debris from a Russian airliner at its crash site at the Hassana area in Arish city, north Egypt, November 1, 2015
    13:39 09.11.2015

    Explosives Testing on A321 Crash Debris Will Take Two Weeks

  • Black Hole
    11:39 26.06.2015

    Gigantic Black Hole Wakes Up After 26-Year Sleep