• Coca-Cola
    15:41 05.04.2018

    Not So Sweet: Britain's New Sugar Tax Might Be Leaving a Bad Taste

  • Overweight women
    01:44 26.03.2018

    American Adults Keep Getting Fatter, With No End in Sight

  • Cancer cells
    22:22 23.03.2018

    Four in Ten Cancer Cases in Britain Could be Prevented – Cancer Research UK

  • Weight
    20:35 26.02.2018

    UK Millennials are a Higher Risk for Cancer Because of Weight Gains - Professor

  • Weight
    20:44 20.02.2018

    UK Obesity Crisis: 'A Social Problem' - Academic

  • Woman eating chocolate
    00:22 14.02.2018

    Snack Slowly: Study Suggests Leisurely Eating Contributes to Weight Loss

  • Weight
    15:03 31.01.2018

    Britain Tops Table For Worst Diet in Europe, New Study Reveals

  • An adult holding a baby's hand
    00:13 25.01.2018

    Study: C-Section Babies More Likely to be Obese, Have Asthma Before Teen Years

  • Weight
    00:55 18.01.2018

    Drop the Biscuit, Soldier! Southern US Army Recruits So Overweight They Threaten ‘Military Readiness’

  • Wildlife Hospital Puts Fat Hedgehog on Diet
    14:00 10.01.2018

    Bye-Bye, Extra Pounds! Overweight Hedgehog at Tel Aviv Zoo Goes on Diet

  • Beer belly
    13:10 07.12.2017

    Burly Swedish Man Sues State for Fatphobia After Being Told to Slim Down

  • Weight
    16:34 13.11.2017

    Britain's Fat Shame: Obesity Levels Make Nation Worst in Europe

  • Christmas sweets
    17:05 09.11.2017

    The More, the Merrier? Obese Kids Charged More at Swedish X-mas Buffet

  • Weight loss
    00:34 02.11.2017

    University Opens Weight-Loss Class to Fight Obesity

  • A Coca-Cola truck
    19:50 31.10.2017

    'Holidays May Not Be Coming': Liverpool Councilor Takes on Coca-Cola Truck Again

  • Burger
    15:28 16.10.2017

    One Cancer-Burger, Please! Teenage Obesity Plague Taking Sinister Grip on World

  • Weight
    16:22 09.10.2017

    Indian Children Second Most Obese in the World

  • Overweight Women
    00:44 05.10.2017

    CDC: Excess Weight a Factor in 40 Percent of US Cancer Diagnoses

  • Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. 2013
    01:13 04.10.2017

    Google Develops New Health Tool to Better Understand Disease Trends

  • Women and children wait to be registered prior to a food distribution carried out by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Thonyor, Leer state, South Sudan, February 26, 2017
    02:12 19.09.2017

    ‘This is an Indictment of Humanity:’ World Hunger Increases For the First Time in a Decade