• Monument to Soviet Marshal Konev defaced in Prague
    14:23 20.01.2017

    Russia Worried by 'Disgraceful War' Against Red Army Monuments in EU

  • Supporters and members of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) (File)
    16:31 19.01.2017

    German Court Refuses to Ban Far-Right NDP In Spite of Links to Nazism

  • Picture taken on September 20, 2012 shows the house were Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria.
    11:34 15.12.2016

    Austrian Parliament Green-Lights Adolf Hitler's Birthplace Seizure

  • Soviet troops pursuing Nazis on Ukrainian territory after liberation of Kiev
    16:22 18.11.2016

    US, Ukraine, Palau Voting Against Anti-Nazism Resolution is Puzzling - Moscow

  • Concentration Camp Ravensbrück. (File)
    16:14 21.10.2016

    Polish Remembrance Institute to Resume Probe Into Nazi Concentration Camp Crimes

  • NATO Headquarters Design Mirrors Nazi SS Bolts
    01:00 28.06.2016

    NATO Unveils New Headquarters Inspired by the Nazi SS Lightning Bolts?

  • Latvian Nazi Veterans March in Riga
    04:19 27.06.2016

    A Baltic Country's Stockholm Syndrome: 30% of Latvians See Rebirth of Nazism in Latvia

  • German police officers escort members of rally in Berlin, Germany September 7, 2015
    21:09 19.06.2016

    Major German Cities Hold Mass Anti-Racism Protests

  • Loud & Clear
    13:58 09.05.2016

    V-Day: The Soviet Role in the Defeat of Nazis and Why the Cold War Followed

  • Vetlanda, Sweden
    14:47 20.04.2016

    New Tradition? Nazi Flag Hoisted in Swedish Town on Hitler's Birthday

  • Supporters of Germany's right extremist National Democratic Party (NPD) wave flags as they take part in a neonazi demonstration in Berlin. (File)
    21:10 07.12.2015

    Don't Fall in the Same Trap Twice: Germany to Consider Banning Nazi Party

  • The United Nations Headquarters in New York
    23:51 19.11.2015

    UNGA Committee Passes Resolution on Combating Glorification of Nazism

  • Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
    19:16 01.10.2015

    ISIL and Nazi Germany: Try to Find Ten Differences (and There Are None)

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises
  • The Root Of The Problem
    16:57 24.07.2015

    The Root of the Problem

  • Brave New World
    15:21 07.05.2015

    Do People Know What They Are Talking About When They Say Fascist?

  • People carry Latvian flags as they march to the Freedom Monument to commemorate World War II veterans who fought in Waffen SS divisions, in Riga, Latvia, Sunday, March 16, 2014
    09:29 02.05.2015

    Growth of Nazism in Europe is 'Obvious Threat' – Kremlin Chief of Staff

  • Flowers and candles laid at the Ukraine Embassy in Moscow in memory of journalist Oles Buzina killed in Kiev
    12:52 18.04.2015

    Drunk With Permissiveness: Nazis Execute Journalist Buzina, Promise New Bloodshed

    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine?
  • In contrast with Nazism, the Stalin regime never attempted to eradicate ethnic groups
    14:41 16.04.2015

    Nazism, Stalinism Cannot Be Put in Same Basket – Putin

    Direct Line With Vladimir Putin 2015
  • Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) during Heroes Day celebrations in Lviv.
    19:10 11.04.2015

    'Political Terror': Greek Communists Slam Kiev for Glorifying Nazi Gangs

    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine?
  • How To Spell ‘Hero’ in Ukraine: N, A, Z, I
    16:45 10.04.2015

    How To Spell ‘Hero’ in Ukraine: N, A, Z, I