• Supreme Court building. (File)
    15:02 30.11.2016

    Indian Supreme Court Orders Compulsory Playing of National Anthem in Movie Theaters

  • People gather at the intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets in uptown Charlotte, NC to protest the police shooting of Keith Scott, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 21, 2016.
    18:36 22.09.2016

    US Footballers, National Anthems and Protests Still Can't Stop Black Shootings

  • Turkish supporters cheered the Russian national anthem during a game between the women’s national football teams of Russia and Turkey, said Ivan Genkenev, an official representative of the Russian team, according to Gazeta.ru.
    13:19 26.11.2015

    Beyond Politics: Turks Applaud Russian Anthem During Football Game

  • Kid battles through hiccups; performs AMAZING anthem
    15:25 25.11.2015

    Battling Hiccups: Singing National Anthem Against All Odds

  • Opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at an anti-austerity rally at the cathedral in Manchester, north west England, on October 5, 2015, on the sidelines of the annual ruling Conservative party conference.
    17:59 08.10.2015

    UK Labour Leader Corbyn Snubs Queen Over Ancient Privy Kiss

  • Extraordinary meeting of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
    21:40 16.07.2015

    Rada Sing-Off: Poroshenko, Lyashko Test Each Other’s Vocal Skills (VIDEO)