• Raqqa
    15:01 30.10.2017

    Caliphate of Ghosts: Liberation of Raqqa 'Theatrical Production' of US-Led Coalition Forces

  • US army soldiers (File)
    04:52 26.09.2017

    Moscow Concerned With US Assumptions of Military Clashes With Russia

  • Kuril Islands
    05:16 08.08.2017

    Japan to Closely Follow Russian Military’s Actions on Southern Kurils

  • A Syrian national flag flutters as the ruins of the historic city of Palmyra are seen in the background, in Homs Governorate, Syria April 1, 2016.
    20:32 03.08.2017

    How US Aims to Snatch 'Safe Zones in Syria From Under Damascus’s Control'

  • Flags of NATO member countires fly during a ceremony at the new NATO headquarters before the start of a summit in Brussels, Belgium, May 25, 2017
    17:50 27.06.2017

    'Growing Russian Threat' Used as a Way to Keep NATO in Shape

  • A US Predator unmanned drone armed with a missile setting off from its hangar at Bagram air base in Afghanistan. File photo
    21:32 24.06.2017

    'Political Fiasco': US Makes Mistakes in This Country for Over a Decade

  • Flags of Pakistan and China
    03:40 08.06.2017

    Pentagon: Chinese Military Expansion May Lead to Pakistan Base

  • Estonian army during the Spring Storm dril
    18:15 25.05.2017

    Estonian Man With Shotgun Chases Away Trespassing NATO Troops

  • Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem.
    17:38 08.05.2017

    Damascus to Consider Uncoordinated Jordan's Military Activity as 'Enemy Force'

  • Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas
    14:59 02.05.2017

    Estonian PM Says Country's Security Impacted by 'Russian Military Activity'

  • NATO and US flags flutter as U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor fighter flies over the military air base in Siauliai, Lithuania, April 27, 2016.
    19:06 10.04.2017

    Curses! Foiled Again! NATO Defense Spending Push Runs Into Berlin Wall

  • SOUTH CHINA SEA (Sept. 16, 2015) Gunner’s Mate Seaman Brenda Algado from Dallas, Texas observes a live-fire exercise with a close-in weapon system (CWIS) aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82)
    16:01 30.03.2017

    Aggressive and Alone? Why US Will Not Receive Regional Support in S China Sea Dispute With China

  • A helicopter lands on the Izumo, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force's (JMSDF) helicopter carrier, at JMSDF Yokosuka base in Yokosuka
    22:30 13.03.2017

    Show of Force: Japan Sending Largest Warship to South China Sea

  • Two Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors are launched during a successful intercept test.
    21:40 12.03.2017

    Security Tensions Rise as US Pushes THAAD Missile System on South Korea

  • A members of NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo (KFOR) holds the NATO flag during the change of command ceremony in Pristina on September 3, 2014.
    17:54 07.02.2017

    Trump Calls on NATO Members to Pay Up Amid Fragmented European Defense Sector

  • US-Panzer in Bremerhaven
    18:17 12.01.2017

    Germany Counts Cost of Biggest US Military Shipment to Europe Since Cold War

  • Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim at the Cankaya Palace in Ankara (File)
    20:26 10.01.2017

    Turkish PM’s Visit to Iraq May Give Impetus to 'Fight Against Daesh'

  • Boris Johnson and Donald Trump
    15:37 09.01.2017

    Bojo Meets Senior Trump Figures Amid Concern Over US-UK 'Special Relationship'

  • A 'Tornado' aircraft ' of the German Air Force photographed at the airbase in Jagel, Germany
    18:00 30.11.2016

    EU Plans Standalone European Defense Budget, 'Not Alternative' to NATO

  • An U.S. Navy picture shows what appears to be a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 attack aircraft flying over the U.S. guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea in this picture taken April 12, 2016 and released April 13, 2016
    21:18 16.09.2016

    Double-Standard Approach: US Crying Wolf Over 'Foreign Provocations'