• Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks on during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on October 9, 2016.
    04:34 13.10.2016

    Timing: Trump Tapes Revealed As Wikileaks Posts Clinton Emails

  • WikiLeaks Logo and Hillary Clinton
    21:33 10.10.2016

    Shocking Revelations in Second WikiLeaks Email Dump From Hillary Campaign Chair

    WikiLeaks: John Podesta Emails
  • This combination of file photos shows the silhouettes of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump(R) July 18, 2016 and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on February 4, 2016.
    05:35 29.09.2016

    Clinton Email Cover-Up 'Unprecedented in US History' – Donald Trump

  • Former Labor MP Jack Straw
    18:36 15.09.2016

    Straw-Powell Emails Prove War Criminals Get Away With Anything - Galloway

  • World in Focus
    19:58 14.09.2016

    Emails Expose Concerns Over Chilcot | UK Report Criticizes Libyan Intervention

  • Colin Powell and Jack Straw
    14:08 14.09.2016

    Leaked Powell Emails Reveal UK-US Reprieve as Brexit Buried Damning Iraq Report

  • Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention via a live video feed from New York during the second night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, July 26, 2016.
    00:07 29.07.2016

    American Exceptionalism: Clinton’s Democrats Look More Like Neocons at DNC

  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez listens to US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton during the Summit of the Americas in 2009
    19:59 27.07.2016

    Leaked Clinton Emails Reveal Continued Efforts to Sabotage Venezuela

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton
    05:46 26.07.2016

    US Must ‘Shore Up Relations With Russia’ Instead of Making False Accusations

  • Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a campaign stop on Sunday, March 13, 2016, at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio
    22:44 23.07.2016

    Was Democratic Vice Chair Removed for Refusing to Conspire Against Bernie?

  • Manning revealed her gender identity as a transgender female after being convicted and sentenced to 35 years in the military prison in July 2013 for leaking reams of war logs, diplomatic cables and battlefield video to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks in 2010.
    12:55 05.07.2016

    Dig In! WikiLeaks Publishes Hillary Clinton's Iraq War Emails

  • US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts to the cheers of the crowd at her New York presidential primary night rally in the Manhattan borough of New York City, US, April 19, 2016.
    05:52 08.06.2016

    White House Blocks Release of Clinton TPP Emails Until After Election

  • Democratic presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listens while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington.
    03:48 26.05.2016

    State Department Report: Clinton Violated Policy Regarding Email Security

  • Hacking
    18:59 12.02.2016

    Teen 'Cracka' Hacker Behind CIA Director's Email Breach Arrested in UK

  • Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally in Alexandria, Virginia on October 23, 2015
    21:50 02.11.2015

    Clinton Emails Reveal US State Department Monitored RT Shows