• From left: The destroyers Shenyang and Taizhou that have arrived in Vladivostok together with five other Chinese warships for the second stage of the Naval Cooperation 2015 exercise
    20:20 07.09.2015

    Sino-Russian Cooperation Helps Advance China’s Naval Power

  • Laser probing industry
    18:41 02.09.2015

    Cutting-Edge Laser Systems to be Displayed at Russia’s Military Super Show

  • Parade rehearsal for RF Navy Day in Baltiysk
    21:26 30.08.2015

    Russia, US, China Returning to Battleships Era?

  • Cтратегический бомбардировщик-ракетоносец Ту-160 во время празднования 70-летия Победы в Великой Отечественной войне
    21:03 30.08.2015

    Russia’s Top Seven Weapons Sending Shivers Down the Spines of US Military

  • Boeing has developed a working laser cannon specifically designed to take down wayward UAVs.
    23:57 27.08.2015

    Drone Killer? Boeing Unveils Laser Cannon Designed to Take Down UAVs

  • The Airborne Laser Test Bed takes off from Edwards Air Force Base, California, in 2012.
    00:14 18.08.2015

    US Missile Defense Agency Developing Laser Drone

  • Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Hamagiri
    14:49 29.07.2015

    Japan to Equip Two Warships With Laser Weapons

  • The Laser Weapon System (LaWS)
    01:23 29.07.2015

    USAF Chief Engineer: Directed Energy for Missile Defense 'At Tipping Point'

  • 1K17 Szhatie self-propelled laser vehicle
    13:10 16.07.2015

    When Blockbuster Comes True: Russia Gives Soviet-Era Laser Tank New Lease on Life